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Monday Mix-ins: The Roman Empire Divided

Arch of Constantine, Rome
{photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash}

The great dominion of Ancient Rome eventually became too large to rule effectively, so Emperor Diocletian divided it into the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Today we have just a few mix-ins, which will focus on this split, and we’ll also touch on Emperor Constantine and a little bit about trade and taxes in the empires:


Crisis of the Third Century of the Roman Empire – A 10-minute explanation of what happened that led to the division of the Roman Empire:


A comparison of Eastern and Western Rome:


Constantine the Great Biography – A quick bio:


Emperor Constantine – Another short video about him:


The Colossus of Constantine – A Khan Academy video discussing the remains of an enormous statue of the emperor Constantine:


Trade in the Roman Empire – From the Royal Ontario Museum, here’s a short video about a sculpture that shows evidence of trade in the Roman Empire:


How They Did It – Paying Taxes in Ancient Rome – A video about the system of taxation in the Roman Empire:




The Division of the Roman Empire – An interactive map

Diocletian on a Roman Coin

Constantine – Info about the emperor Constantine, from DK Find Out

Constantine the Great – More information and photos relating to Constantine

Gold bars with assayer’s stamps – Look at gold bars used to pay taxes in the Roman Empire.


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