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Semper discentes – always learning together.
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Monday Mix-ins: Latin and Grammar

{photo by Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash}

It’s Memorial Day, which means a lot of things, and it especially means gratitude for those who gave their lives in active military service to our nation. We encourage you to take a moment today to explain Memorial Day to your kids (use the packet from last week’s update!) and commemorate it in some way.

As there are no classes on campus today or tomorrow, we hope you can use this time to either catch up, rest, be social, or all of the above! We are mixing things up with the mix-ins this week. Instead of following our history topics, here are a few fun videos and links about Latin and Grammar (with one small touch of math), to use for general enrichment:


Latin Tutorial is an excellent YouTube channel with tons of videos to help with Latin homework, as well as cultural and other educational videos just for your own edification and inspiration. Here’s one example:

Roman Numerals


Why Study Latin? – Maybe our SLOCA kids could answer this question already, but find out why it’s good for you:


How Did Latin Become a Dead Language? It’s actually not quite ”dead” – watch this:


Things it’s best to say in Latin – A collection of favorite sayings that sound better in Latin than in any other language, and why:


TED-Ed has several videos about grammar issues – take a look!

Does Grammar Matter?


Comma story


Grammar's great divide: The Oxford comma


How many verb tenses are there in English?


When to use “me”, “myself” and “I”


How misplaced modifiers can hurt your writing


When to use apostrophes


How to use a semicolon


And then of course, there’s the entire Schoolhouse Rock collection of Grammar videos! Start here, then watch the rest in this playlist on YouTube:

Unpack Your Adjectives


Brain POP: I vs. Me – A fun animated video explaining when to use “I” and when to use “me.”


Bonus video: This was uploaded to TED-Ed’s channel after we left Ancient Greece, but your kids may still enjoy it now: A Day in the life of an ancient Athenian:



Many of these sites require Adobe Flash. Please contact downhome@sloclassical.org if any of the following links are broken, so we can remove them.

Hear Common Latin Sayings – This is useful for parents as well as students! Click on these common phrases to hear how they are pronounced.

Foreign Words and Phrases – See a list of Latin words (and other languages) that are used in English.

Latin Translators Required – Use your Latin skills to translate an inscription in this game from the National Museums of Scotland

Latin Games on Quia – Lots to choose from!

Grammar Games – There are 4 online grammar games here to choose from.

Grammar Practice Park – Another collection of grammar games, aimed at grades 3-5

More online grammar games:


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