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Semper discentes – always learning together.
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Monday Mix-ins: The Fall of Rome

{photo by Dario Veronesi on Unsplash}

Well folks, we knew it was coming. The majestic Roman Empire just couldn’t last forever. This week we bring you a few videos and links about the demise of Rome, whose influence still lives on today. Please be aware that we have not fully previewed all of these videos – they may contain graphic images. Preview or watch along with your kids:


The Fall of Rome by Jeffrey Lewis – Here’s a summary of the fall of Rome in a song! This video is in English, with subtitles in another language. Sorry for the quirkiness, but it was the best version of this song on YouTube:


The Fall of the Roman Empire – History of Rome – An educational video for kids:


Barbarians Rising: Rise and Fall of an Empire – Here’s a clip from a longer documentary:


The Fall of Rome Explained In 13 Minutes – From the Great Courses, this is aimed at older kids:


The Roman Empire – Episode 6: The Fall Of The Roman Empire – This episode in a history documentary series is almost an hour long, but is thorough:


A brief history of goths – From TED-Ed:


The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire – Also from TED-Ed, this links where we are ending this trimester to where we will start next year:



Map of Barbarian tribes

Interactive map of the Invasions into Rome

Rome’s Greatest Enemies gallery

Time Zone X: Fall of the Roman Empire – An online game from Brain Pop.

How did the Romans change Britain? – From the BBC, here’s a section about the legacy of the Roman Empire in Britain. (Note: the video clip will not work.)

Roman London – From the Museum of London, here you can view a slideshow of Roman remains discovered in London, England. (Scroll down and click on “Not to be missed on your visit”.)

The Rise and Fall of Rome games

Printable crossword puzzle – Rome’s decline and legacy


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