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Semper discentes – always learning together.
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Monday Mix-ins: Ancient Rome Culmination

{photo by Adam Wood on Unsplash}

We made it – the very last week of school! There are probably some mixed feelings about posting mix-ins this week. We know some of you don’t want to even think about adding in supplemental ideas this week, and are already in vacation mode. Others might appreciate a few fun links to check out on the light home days. Either way, here are a few additional videos and websites dealing with assorted topics from Ancient Rome – use them if you want to, or let them pass you right by. Have a fantastic final week of school!


Ancient History: Rome If You Want To, The Pantheon – Learn about this remarkable building, the oldest in Rome:


An Illustrated Journey Through Rome – This is a TED Talk by David Macaulay about his book, Rome Antics:


Rome: Ancient Glory – A modern travel video from Rick Steves. Review much of what we learned this trimester, and see what Rome looks like today:


Roman Monuments Then and Now – See illustrations of famous Ancient Roman monuments, compared with the same locations today:


Horrible Histories Rotten Romans – This is an animated series that is historical and a bit silly:


Here are a few more interesting educational clips:



10 Facts about Ancient Rome – from National Geographic Kids

Quiz yourself on Ancient Rome – from Discover Kids, scroll down and click on “Ancient Rome,” then click “Quiz yourself on Ancient Rome.”

Dig Deeper Quiz – An archaeology quiz from the BBC

Roman numerals game and find more here

Roman Bingo Game: Know Your Numerals

A Roman Street – In case you missed it when we shared it earlier, this was a fun game! Time travel to Ancient Rome and decide what doesn’t belong.

Death in Rome – An interactive Roman mystery to solve!

No Romans game – What would the UK be like had the Roman not invaded?

Roman Settlement – An interactive site with games

Create-a-dice – Cut out and fold a Roman dice

Make a model Roman villa

Make a legionary badge

Spot the Difference picture

Ancient Rome Word Search – there’s an online and a printable version

Ancient Rome Crossword Puzzle – there’s an online and a printable version

Ancient Rome coloring pages



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