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Vikings and the Norse Myths

Vikings and the Norse myths

Does lightning remind anyone else of Thor? Perhaps it’s the popularity of an American series of superhero films that’s created this connection for some of us or perhaps it’s always reminded you of the god and goddesses of the Norse World.  Either way, we have good news…the Norse Myths are finally here!

Odin! Loki! The Jotuns! We have some very excited students thrilled to hear (and re-read) some great stories! We begin by reading about the creation of the world and of man, and we’ll end this week reading about Njord, Freya and Heimdall. In class, our students are also discovering more about Erik, Leif and the way of life of the Vikings. The Norse culture is so rich and fascinating!

The next couple of weeks of our Viking and Norse Myths studies is sure to provide plenty of opportunities for you and your students to engage in some interesting conversations and fascinating discoveries! Here are some supplemental resources you’re welcome to use as you learn alongside your children this week…

Resource Links:

Norse Myths Pronunciation Guide | a helpful reference as you read the Norse Myths out loud to your students

Norse Gods Family Tree | click on the names in blue to learn more

Creation of the Norse World | Go through this interactive site to see the creation of the Norse world, Ymir and other gods

Runes | See how to write your name using the runic alphabet

Print-outs | Viking pictures, puzzles and quizzes – scroll down to Downloads to find lots of Viking information and activity sheets.

Viking Longship | Create your own longship!

Viking Helmet | Create your very own

Training School for Vikings | How good a Viking would you have been? Find out here!

Video Links:

*Parents, please preview for your students first.

Life of a Viking

Viking Trader | listen to an actor play the part of a Viking trader

Viking Sagas | watch animated stories where you can meet the Viking gods Odin, Freya and Thor. Here’s the first one:

Sun Chariot | Take a closer look at the Sun Chariot, a horse pulling the Sun across the sky from the National Museum of Denmark

More on the Vikings and the beautiful landscapes of Iceland and Greenland next week! We’ll see you then!


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