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Community Service Ideas

community service hours

It’s that time of the year! Progress Reports are coming up and for our families with older kids, we’re here today with some ideas for you! We mentioned in one of our Bare Necessities videos that our Upper Middle Schoolers are required 5 community service hours each trimester. Volunteering in your community is something we believe in as a school and something our parents, who also find this important, cultivate in their students. 

Fulfillment of volunteer hours is one of the ways this is fostered during the school year. Our 7th and 8th graders earn the opportunity to serve within their own communities, whether that’s in your immediate family circle (babysitting for mom and dad), neighborhoods (taking out the trash and recycling cans for elderly neighbors), faith organizations (working in the church nursery or helping with the sound system), or helping local businesses (hanging clothes at Fred & Betty’s), the opportunities are out there and they are plentiful!  

Mr. Isaac Yorke, our middle school Math and Science teacher, has more ideas on how to fulfill those community service hours. He has compiled a list of local organizations you and your students can reach out to. Please see this list below and let us know if you have any questions or anything to add to it.

There is an event coming up soon called the Morro Bay Triathlon, and they are looking for volunteers age 13 and older. The event is on November 4th; click here to volunteer.

Other organizations looking for regular volunteers:

Mr. Yorke will continue to keep an ear out for other opportunities so UMS parents and students, make sure to check back in with him throughout the year!



SLO Classical Academy is not affiliated with any of the above-mentioned websites, businesses or organizations.

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