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Semper discentes – always learning together.
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Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky

Erik the Red and Leif the Lucky

“Like American pioneers of eight hundred years later, the Norsemen were always ready to move on to new country where free men could live as they own. The unknown? It was nothing to fear! Danger? Hard living? They were used to such things. These were a necessary part of adventure and opportunity.” –The Viking by Elizabeth Janeway

Can you imagine living during this time of history? Erik and Leif’s adventures has been an eye-opening experience for some of our students as they immerse themselves in their history and literature books. Our students are sharing perceptive insights as discussions of the Norsemen and their way of life emerge. This is certainly a memorable unit that our students continue to devour!

We hope you enjoy today’s supplemental resources. As a reminder, what we share here on Mondays is meant to further enrich your learning at home. These resources are optional and are not meant to give you “one more thing” to do. There is no pressure to read, watch, or do all (or any!) of these resources. Therefore, utilize them in a way that will best fit your family’s dynamic and schedule.

Resource Links:

Iceland | Lots of interesting facts for kids including animals, language and food!

Greenland | Fascinating facts on why it isn’t so green

Aurora Borealis | What causes the Northern Lights plus when and where to see them

Viking Hoards | Zoom in on silver and gold artifacts discovered in Viking hoards

More Viking Artifacts | Found in Scotland including silver armbands and brooches, silk, gold and jewels.

Video Links:

*Parents, please preview for your students first.

Viking Sock | Join Helen, the archaeologist, as she discusses this rare find – an intact Viking sock!

Viking city of Jorvik | visit this Viking city discovered under the modern city of York, in the UK

Northern Lights | Real-time Aurora captured in February of this year at the Senja Observatory in Norway

Iceland and Greenland Landscape | absolutely stunning drone images!

Volcanoes in Iceland | rare footage of a volcanic eruption



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