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ABCs of Summer: V

August 21st, 2017

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1. Village – Stroll through the quaint Arroyo Grande village, grab dinner, get an ice cream at Doc Burnstein’s, and see the roosters that roam near the creek.

2. Vegetables – We are so lucky to be surrounded by many farmer’s markets and produce stands! Take the kids with you and send them on a vegetable scavenger hunt. Try a new veggie or two this week.

3. Vegetarian – With all those veggies, make a new vegetarian dish, like these Veggie Breakfast Tacos, which sound amazing for breakfast or dinner.

4. Vacuum out the car (sorry, not so fun, but you’ll feel good when it’s done…)

5. Vineyard – Enjoy a glass of a local wine, to reward yourself for cleaning out the car.

6. Volunteer! Spend a bit of time helping out at Fred and Betty’s before school starts, and count it toward your Trimester 1 hours.

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