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Classically Inspired: Archery Contest

March 13th, 2018

{source: Pinterest}

Even though we're in a new trimester, let's keep looking for examples of stories inspired by the ancient classics. Here’s another one!

Then into the hall came Penelope, bearing her lord’s great horn bow and a quiver well stocked with arrows, followed by her women carrying her chest with the twelve axes. She took her stand by one of the great pillars that upheld the roof, and scornfully issued her challenge.

“Lordlings, since it seems that I must wed with one of you, it is my pleasure to hold a contest to decide which one. Therefore, whichever of you can best string this bow, which belonged to my true marriage-lord, and send an arrow straight through the rings of these twelve axes as they stand ranged in order, to that man I will give myself.”



It's so fun to pick up on the similarities between modern stories and ancient ones! Keep sending these to Down Home and we will share them.


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