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January 3rd, 2018

Have you bought your tickets to Jim Weiss yet? We are getting so excited about this event – he's coming to SLO next Friday! In case you’re on the fence about it, or want to spread the word to others, our Development Director Cozy Faber has a special message to share with us today – pass this on to friends and family: 

For years now, we have stocked the recordings of master storyteller Jim Weiss in our bookstore.  His voice has filled our homes and cars as we shuttle to and fro or take a break from reading aloud to our own children.  The gentle cadence of Jim’s voice as he unfolds one tale after another is truly masterful and has won him hundreds of awards.  He travels all around the country sharing his gift of story with the children and adults who have the good fortune of crossing his path.

This January it is our good fortune, here in San Luis Obispo, to be the guests of an evening filled with Myth and Mystery!  Mr. Weiss has a plane ticket booked and a room reserved right here in SLO.  On January 12th he’ll carry a full audience into their own imaginations as they ride the waves of his stories.  In a world filled with people diving head first into their phones, where entire rooms are filled with folks whose eyes seem perpetually cast down, this event is a place and a time to look up and enjoy an evening of community and wholesome family entertainment.

We invite you to come, to hear the story and participate in the community.  Perhaps even create your own community and invite your friends – Mountainbrook Church is an enormous venue and there is room for all of us!  Get your tickets today by clicking here!

Mr. Weiss recorded a very special invitation which you can listen to by clicking here.




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