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Making Poetry Fun

February 23rd, 2017

At SLO Classical Academy, students read and memorize poetry at every level, from Little Wonders up through high school. We want to make this skill fun and easy in the younger levels, and to encourage a love of poetry from an early age. 

If you’re a parent with a special fondness for poetry and for passing that on to your children, or if you’re a parent who wasn’t exposed to much poetry and you want to incorporate more poetry into you home schooling and home life, today we have a fun resource to share that will beautifully complement what we are already doing at SLOCA.

Rhythm of the Home is a quarterly online magazine that focuses on living intentionally and incorporating “a rhythm and reverence for the natural world” in the lives of children. Their articles and projects are organized by season, under the categories Warmth, Play, Celebration and Connection. Although it is no longer being updated, their archived posts are still available and offer a wealth of wonderful resources. You may enjoy browsing through their website and gleaning all kinds of inspiration!

{photo by Jo Ebisujima, from Rhythm of the Home}

We found an article on their site with several suggestions for enjoying poetry with your children. These ideas can be used with the poems our kids are already learning, or in addition to the poems that are assigned on the grid, using your own favorite books of poetry:

Poetry Made Fun Throughout the Seasons

On this site you can also find a charming post about incorporating a Poetry Teatime in your week (or month).

Enjoy more poetry! 


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