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Moms, Motivation, and Co-Schooling

May 8th, 2018

A year ago we ran a fun post written by one of our SLOCA parents, about how she and another SLOCA mom “co-school” together.

By co-schooling we simply mean getting together with another SLOCA family for some of the subjects on home days, to share the load (and maybe a tutor), utilize one another’s strengths, broaden discussions, and to have a little more “friend time.” We love that some of our families are doing life together by doing home days together!

We recently heard from another set of friends who co-school on occasion – Jessica Webster and Joy Erb, both on Track B. Today we’ll get the scoop from each of them about how they divide and conquer, and why they find it helpful. If you’ve ever thought about this and wondered how people do it, read on:

First we’ll hear from Jessica Webster, mom of Ayden (LMS 5) and Emerick (Pri 2). They are in their 5th year at SLOCA:

Certain weeks on Wednesdays, we enjoy co-homeschooling with the Erb family for a few hours until lunch time. Joy and I don't really have a set plan, which I love. 

We show up to the Erb house with backpacks and snacks. Boys hang out for a few minutes and get the wiggles out. Joy and I discuss each grid for Primary and LMS and chose which mom will take which set of boys.

I usually take the LMS boys and she takes the younger ones. (We have switched off as well.)

We separate into different rooms and I make a game plan with Ayden and Cameron about what assignments are due first and what to work on collectively and separately. I read History or Literature and they discuss HRJ assignments and get started, encouraging each other in ideas. 

We take a quick snack break and join the younger brothers upstairs. Shortly after, they work on Latin and Science together. Once that is done it's 12pm and usually lunch and play time for a bit, then back home to finish up.

Mostly, IEW, Spelling and Math assignments are individualized and completed later at each of our own homes.

Having the motivation of friends during assignments is super helpful. I glean from Joy as a mom on her 4th round of homeschooling. Emerick learns a lot from her energy and teaching style. It's amazing how the kids take the same instructions differently from another mom.

It's the science of third-party credibility! Thanks Joy!

And here’s a quick addition from Joy Erb, mom of Katie (HS Junior), Austin (HS Freshman), Cameron (LMS 5) and Colton (Pri 2). They are in their 11th year at SLOCA:

There is nothing like a playdate with friends to pump up my boys. Combining it with homeschool is a win for me too! This year we have enjoyed several days of co-schooling with the Websters. My boys have been challenged to do their best work and they've had lots of fun in the process!  I have loved connecting with Jessica and appreciate the accountability in getting our work done. 

Thank you, Jessica and Joy, for sharing how you co-school, and the benefits you’ve seen from it While it does have its own challenges and isn’t for everyone (and not for every home day), co-schooling can be a motivating, rewarding, and practical option. 

We would love to know – is anyone else out there co-schooling with a friend? What has your experience been like? Tell us about it, or leave questions or other comments below!