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Monday Mix-ins: Abraham Lincoln

April 3rd, 2017

Lincoln Memorial photo by Jeff Kubina via Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0}

We are moving along through American History, and approaching the Civil War. As you can imagine, there are many sites and resources online to learn more about this massive topic! We will get you started with a few mix-ins for this week, focusing on the life of Abraham Lincoln:


Abraham Lincoln - Growing Up on the Frontier – A look at Lincoln’s early years, from the Biography channel. Scroll down the page after watching for more related videos.

Abraham Lincoln Revisits His Boyhood Home – Learn more about Honest Abe’s adventures by visiting his boyhood home:


Disney The American Presidents: Abraham Lincoln – A quick narrative about the life of President Lincoln:


Abraham Lincoln | 60-Second Presidents – Another quick look at this president, aimed at kids:


Abraham Lincoln - Mini Biography – From the Biography channel:


American the Story of Us: Lincoln – Here’s a 4-minute clip from this series:


Abraham Lincoln (Part 1) – A 3-part biography (about 24 minutes total) about the life of Abraham Lincoln:

Here are links to: Part 2 and Part 3


Young Abe Lincoln (“Make a Tall, Tall Man”) – A song by Johnny Horton:


PBS Lincoln - The Making of a President (Part 1) – This 4-part documentary series is long, but comprehensive. Here is Part 1, with links to the other parts below:

Here are links to: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Young Mr. Lincoln – This 1939 classic, starring Henry Fonda as Abraham Lincoln, covers ten years of his life. The link above is to stream it on Netflix, or you can rent it through Amazon.



Young Abraham Lincoln – Info and activities for kids, from the National Park Service.

Lincoln Net – This site is comprised of both primary source documents, as well as modern scholarly interpretive materials, including thematic essays and video interviews.

Lincoln Memorial Interactive Site – Take a virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial! 

Abraham Lincoln - Moby's Match – A matching game about Lincoln.

Abraham’s Lincoln’s Crossroads – An online interactive game about the choices President Lincoln had to make.

Abraham Lincoln “hangman” game

Abraham Lincoln printable activities – Here you’ll find a word search, a crossword puzzle, an alphabet activity, tic-tac-toe, coloring pages, and more!

Abraham Lincoln trivia quiz

Activity Booklet about Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln timeline


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