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SLOCA Myths and Mysteries Solved!

January 18th, 2018

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Greetings! We are into “Myths and Mysteries” this month – wasn’t Jim Weiss fantastic? We absolutely loved last Friday’s evening of family entertainment with Jim’s masterful storytelling.

Today’s blog post will also address a few myths and mysteries. While most of our current families will not be mystified by the statements below, this post is aimed at anyone who is considering SLOCA, who is curious about SLOCA, or who may have misunderstandings about SLOCA. Feel free to share these with friends, family members, and anyone in the community you think would like to know!

Read on to hear some of the myths, mysteries, or misconceptions we’ve heard about our school and the truth behind them. Many thanks to our amazing and talented Admissions team for clearing all these up!

Myth #1: SLO Classical Academy is not accredited.
SLO Classical Academy, including the high school, is accredited by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).  

Myth #2: SLOCA is a music school.
SLOCA is an academic institution that uses the Classical Model to facilitate a well-rounded education. Unfamiliar with this model?  Click here for more information on what Classical Education is all about!

Myth #3: You need a teaching credential to teach your kids.
SLOCA provides all of the support that you need to home-educate part-time without a credential. Each week, teachers provide a grid/narrative which is your roadmap for the week. This helps you know how to stay on-track at home!  We like to say instead of teaching your student you are learning alongside your student.

Myth #4: SLOCA is pure homeschooling and you can make your own program.
We follow a dynamic and well thought-out educational curriculum each year. All required texts have been selected and are available in our school store. While some families may choose to introduce an extra subject or additional literature at home, this would not be considered part of the SLOCA program and would be enrichment or extra-curricular.

Myth #5: We don’t have to do school on home days.
SLOCA offers an exceptional education that requires attention on both home days and school days. Work on your home day is typically preparation for the next day in school.  Not schooling on a home day means that students will not be prepared for their next day of school and may fall behind. There is some flexibility, however... some families choose to use a weekend day to homeschool.

Myth #6: SLOCA is only focused on liberal arts, not science and math. 
SLOCA offers a well-rounded education with quality instruction in all subjects, including math and science. Classical Education is literature intensive and does value the liberal arts, however, we do not neglect math and science, we strive to find the connections between all subjects.  We also offer quality instruction in art, music, and logic.   

Myth #7: SLOCA is affiliated with the Grizzly Academy.
While our mascot is the beloved Grizzly Bear, we are not in any way affiliated with Grizzly Academy.

Myth #8: Our kids aren’t socialized. 
Small class dynamics allows for remarkable social development and interaction. In-class Socratic discussions and group activities foster an atmosphere where students learn to listen to and respect the opinions of others. Friendships are forged and community is built in the classroom and on the playground. We offer a sports program that fosters healthy athletic competition, teamwork, and positive camaraderie. Older students have the opportunity to participate in fun camping trips and other social events held outside of school hours.

Myth #9: SLOCA is only for super smart kids/it’s too rigorous.
Participation and a full-hearted commitment are the ingredients for success at SLOCA. Families find that this endeavor is an investment with wonderful benefits that you and your children will reap both in the present and for years to come. It is not in any way required that students be specially gifted to attend SLOCA, only that they be willing to try and put their best effort forth. It is amazing to witness what a can-do attitude and supportive community will foster in a student.  

Myth #10: SLOCA doesn’t have athletics.
On the contrary, SLOCA offers a budding and exciting athletics program with opportunities for Kindergarten through High School! This year we are offering cross-country, flag football, volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and more. We strive to provide quality athletic experiences, the kind that teach intentional life skills that will be useful both in the classroom, and advantageous in the real world.


Soon we will clear up more myths and mysteries specifically about our high school – stay tuned! And here's a little info about enrollment for next year:

Current SLOCA Families:  Re-enrollment will begin on February 5th and close on February 16th.  Details will be given at the Family Business Meeting.  
Prospective SLOCA Families: We are currently accepting applications for the 2018/19 school year through January 31. Registration for new families will be closed the month of February and will reopen March 5. If you would like to apply, please see this page to download the appropriate Admissions Checklist and Intent to Enroll form.

Are you harboring any additional myths, mysteries, or questions about SLOCA? Please let us know by leaving a comment below, or you can email, or call our Admissions office at (805) 548-8700 to speak with someone.