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Wednesday Wonders: An Evening of Shakespeare

January 17th, 2018

{photos by Cade Newman}

Before the break, our Upper Middle School students had the opportunity to get together and celebrate Shakespeare by reading through (and acting out) his renowned play, Romeo and Juliet. This event is becoming a tradition in UMS, and the students had a grand time acting and playing together. The sword-fights, the romance (with fist-bumps instead of kissing), the tragedy… what an evening! No acting experience was necessary – in fact, the students didn’t know which parts they were assigned until they arrived on the scene. Simple costumes and props were encouraged but not required, and snacks were served, of course – performing Shakespeare requires nourishment! All in all, the students enjoyed a casual evening of fun and laughter with peers, while their minds and hearts were enriched by Shakespeare’s work.

Next year maybe... Hamlet

Many thanks to our UMS History and Lit teacher, Cade Newman, and to Emily Ferrarini, for organizing this event! Here are a few photos from the evening: