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Wednesday Wonders: Civil War Picnic and Ball

September 6th, 2017

{photos taken by various parents, from SLOCA’s flickr site}

Although we’ve jumped back to the beginning of our 4-year history cycle, let’s take a moment to remember last Spring’s History Day event, which wrapped up our history cycle – the Civil War Picnic and Ball. We haven’t had a chance to showcase photos from this magical evening on the blog yet, so we will do that today.

We'd love to post more Wednesday Wonders sent in by our families this year, so please email Down Home with your wonder moment to share. Don't worry that it's too small – every little success, connection made, or idea that worked is encouraging to our community.

We are also looking for home day photos to use periodically on the blog, so if you think to snap a few pictures on home days and don't mind us posting them on the blog from time to time, email them to Down Home for possible use! Or you can share them on our Facebook page if you prefer.

Back to the Ball... Those of you who were there, enjoy these memories! New parents, here’s a taste of the type of fun, community-building experiences you can look forward to when we celebrate our history events this year:


Thanks for making memories with us! Be sure to check in with SLOCA's Facebook page too, for photos, happenings, and more.