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Wednesday Wonders: Engaging with The Iliad

March 28th, 2018

{photo by Stephanie Ridley}

Today’s wonder moment was sent in by Track B mom Stephanie Ridley. She and her husband Bryan have three kids at SLOCA: Isobel (UMS 7), Sibylla (Int 4), and Ensio (Junior Kinder). The Ridleys are in their 5th year at the school, and here’s a memory from early February that she shared:

As Isobel and I sat and excitedly talked about quotes for her essay surrounded by our four translations of The Iliad, I was struck by this amazing discussion we were having (I am not even going to go into why we have 4 different translations!). We both loved reading this book and were thrilled to engage with it. We read different translations; mine was the book in its entirety, Isobel’s a translation with about half redacted. At Isobel’s asking, we were comparing the different translations of the quotes she had chosen for her essay to see which got her point across better. Then just for fun she wanted to compare the opening lines in all 4 translations also. She prefers hers and I still prefer mine. I love that we both think this is fun!

The next day when I walked into her room, this stack of books was on her bed as she finished writing her essay. I didn’t stage it!

What a moment of wonder this all was! I just feel so blessed and so thankful. Which of course balances the times I think that we are crazy for making life so difficult at times.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and this sweet moment with your daughter, Stephanie!

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