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Wednesday Wonders: “For Fun”

December 6th, 2017

{photo by Alanna LaBine}

Here’s a priceless wonder moment that Alanna LaBine (UMS Math and Science teacher) shared with us back in October. Sorry for the delay - it's worth it! 

One of my students said that she had free time this week and finished all of her work, so she decided to make a more challenging problem for herself.  She used her knowledge of plotting points on the coordinate graph to create an image and then gave all the points and the order that they should be plotted in to another student.  The other student is planning to connect all the points to try to figure out what the picture is during Friday Foundations. 

I love seeing students exhibit their love of learning by taking the initiative to go deeper with their studies because they genuinely want to!  I also love seeing the collaboration that happens during Friday Foundations as students work on their grid work.  Attached is a picture of the graph and the points used to plot it.  The student even titled the page "For Fun.” What more could a math teacher ask than that her students are not only comprehending the material well but are also having fun while they're at it?

So much love for this! Thanks for sharing this story, Alanna, and thank you also for sharing your love of math with our students!