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Wednesday Wonders: Little Wonders First Day

September 13th, 2017

{photos by Jessica Wilson}

There’s always a certain amount of wonder that accompanies the first days of school. And in Little Wonders, how could you not be filled with wonder when you're playing with shaving cream and having messy fun? 

On the first day of school all of our classrooms were experiencing moments of wonder at a new year of possibilities, but we happen to have a few photos from one of our Preschool classrooms to share today. We hope these bring a smile to your face as you think about these little ones making discoveries through play, and embarking on their adventure of a lifelong passion for learning:

SLOCA parents and teachers, we would love to know about your wonder moments (of all sizes!) from home and the classroom. Did you or your student have a particularly memorable moment from the first week of school, either in class or at home? Share it! Email Down Home.