enriched hybrid

Complementing the Classical

4-Day on Campus

5th-8th grade

The involvement of parents, while reduced in time, remains essential.

To accommodate families who need or desire more educational care and input during the week, we offer the Enriched Hybrid option in Middle School (grades 5-8) .  Students attend their core classes two days a week (Track A), and then attend labs and enrichment courses the other two days a week, for a full four days on campus.  They receive teacher contact time during their labs as they work on their math, writing and other core assignments, and then are exposed to wonderful classes that expand their experience in other forms of writing, speaking, art and life skills.

enrichment classes

A variety of enrichment classes are provided after lunch for all students in our four-day Enriched Hybrid program.   A few examples of classes are: Furniture Refinishing, Golf, Architecture, Designing and Building Remote Submersibles, Art, Cooking, Money Management.

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