fridays @ sloca

Fridays @ SLOCA offer additional educational options for students. Friday Play Lab offers high-level play, discussion, and enrichment activities for Little Wonders students, while Friday Foundations and Academy Classes/Clubs offer a hybrid approach for students in grades first through eighth, balancing the building of academic skill with exposure to enrichment activities.

preschool - kindergarten

friday play lab

This program is for families who desire an additional day of school for their Little Wonders students.  Students in preschool through kindergarten attend from 9a-3:30p. Friday Play Lab gives students an opportunity to create, build, learn, read, play, and connect with students from the other track.

1st - 8th

friday foundations (am)

This program is for families who desire additional work on math building, spelling, grammar, and critical thinking skills.  They also work on grid assignments as well as special projects. Students in first grade through upper middle school come to class eight Fridays per trimester in the morning (9a-noon).  Friday Foundations give students an opportunity to sharpen skills, get more one-on-one time with their level teacher, and connect with students from the other track.

Academy Classes & Clubs (PM)

Since inception, SLOCA has provided optional quality enrichment activities on Fridays, focusing on a wide variety of interests, topics, and subjects.  These are a wonderful way for students to connect with kids from both tracks, learn new skills, gain new experiences, and meet some of the SLOCA requirements (such as PE and Fine Arts), too.

academy classes

1st - 4th

Created to provide a well-rounded rotation of courses exposing students to areas such as music, art, STEM (science/technology/engineering/math), traditional playground games, classic literature, cooking and physical activity.  Classes meet one hour per week, 8 weeks per trimester from 12:30-3:30p (trimester commitment required).*

academy clubs

4th - 8th

Clubs, on the other hand, have the larger goal of helping students build skills in specific areas of interest.  These require a year-long commitment, and include Woodshop Club, Robotics Club, Science Club, Classics Club, Chess Club, CA Art, History and Literature, Computer Graphics, Design & Yearbook, Archery Club, and Art Club.  Some clubs will incorporate a culminating event, trip or competition. Clubs are 90 minutes long, from 12:30-2p and/or 2-3:30p.*

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