Come to our High School Open House!  

Monday, February 12, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

165 Grand Avenue, San Luis Obispo

Our High School Open House is the best way to see how SLOCA High School, our unique university-model program, is preparing local students for college and life beyond!  Tour our brand-new campus; talk to teachers; meet High School Director, Kateri Rein; and our current students!  Dive into engaging, faculty-led games and lessons.  This is where you will experience, first-hand, just how great being a SLOCA High School student really is!  


How SLOCAHS came into being...

Beating us to the punch (as they usually do), SLO Classical Academy High School was born when SLOCA middle school students asked us to take them further.  A natural and necessary extension to our programs for younger students, high school is the climax of our life-giving classical education, and we are forever grateful to those students pushing us where we needed to go!

"I was struck by the degree of student buy-in at SLOCA. In 90 minutes of observing the private-school class, there were zero interruptions, zero yawns, and zero cell phones; throughout those 90 minutes, they seemed like a group of old friends, united by a love of learning." – Michael Godsey, local public high school English teacher, SLOCA parent, and contributor to the Atlantic

What Sets SLOCAHS Apart

Classical Education

Our model for learning is ancient, but couldn't possibly be more relevant for today. It has helped to create some of the great thinkers throughout history, and in our complicated world, we are certainly in need of great thinkers. Classical education creates those thinkers, inspires a lifelong passion for learning, and reaches students' hearts, minds and souls.

Meaningful Experience

The modern-day high school experience is a far cry from what it used to be, and we believe there are more meaningful experiences to be had during those years. We strongly believe the high school years matter and are to be treasured, and therefore provide an experience that makes the most of those years, while simultaneously prepares them for life like nothing else.

High Standards

Our standards are high for our students and they live up to them! We expect developing excellence and exemplary character, and our program requires learning the value of hard work (perfect for future endeavors). Under the care of a nurturing community, they exceed their own expectations and thus take pride in their achievements throughout the HS years.

Our Structure

Our program is designed similar to a university, with a full load of classes completed on M/W/F, and T/Th free to complete studies. This enables students to learn to use their time well, prepares them for college and offers flexibility. Our classes are also small, enabling teachers to really know and mentor their students, and fostering close community amongst diverse peers.

Our Teachers

SLOCAHS teachers are not just knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, but are proactive in helping students succeed. 95% of our graduates have moved on to a college/university, they have all received scholarships, and almost half of our graduates were Commended National Merit Scholars.

Our Students

Students who really love and benefit from SLOCAHS are students who value learning and rise to the occasion in the face challenge...or they are students who rediscover their lost passion for learning. They are students who values a more intimate setting and are motivated to go on with their learning (college), just waiting for possibilities to unfold.

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Week 3: Summer Sports Camps

Jul 30 - Aug 3, Soccer/Ultimate Frisbee at SLOCA, 9am - 2pm


All School Work Day

8:30 - 12:30 Work

12:30 - 1:30 Meet & Greet with Pizza

1:30 - 2:30 Wrap-Up

Grace Church

Fall Parent Meeting

6:30 - 8:30 pm - Gym at Grace Church in SLO - 1350 Osos St.

(Mandatory parent meeting, please...

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