Go Grizzlies!

While SLO Classical Academy and High School’s focus has not been in the area of athletics during the first years, we do believe that athletics has potential to play a vital role in a student’s education by teaching the student the values of self-discipline, commitment, teamwork, self-control, setting and achieving goals, perseverance, fellowship, loyalty, and cooperation.  Because of these beliefs, we are working to increase our athletic opportunities each year.  In doing this, we have found working and competing together to be immensely community building, and we are having a load of fun as a school developing our program!

The mission of the SLOCA Athletic Department is to build an athletics program that complements the existing academic and cultural mileu.  This means our program will utilize the same vision of classical education in the development of athletes who understand their sport, learn the logic behind that sport, and who eventually execute with skill and beauty.  It also means that while we will strive for excellence in athletics, student invovlement in sports should never overshadow their academic and family commitments.  

We are always looking for college students and adults to join our great purpose and vision for athletics!  If you are interested and available to coach, please let us know at

Here's our sports line-up for the year:

Littles:   Through 4th grade, our goal is to encourage students to enjoy being active, develop skills, build character and prepare for future athletics endeavors.  We currently offer the following sports for these students:
    Winter:    Boys’ and Girls’ basketball (1st and up)
    Spring:    Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee

Middle School:  Starting in 5th grade, our goals expand to include becoming good sports and great competitors.  We increase expectations in terms of time dedicated, developing skills and team camaraderie.  We currently offer the following sports for these students:
    Fall:         Co-ed cross country, Boys' flag football, Girls’ volleyball
    Winter:    Boys’ and Girls’ basketball
    Spring:    Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, Boys’ volleyball

High School:  In High School, all the good work done in the younger years comes together to build not only increasing character and skills, but wisdom and grace as well.  The high school years (the rhetoric years in classical education) is a time of explosive development based on years of hard work and commitment, allowing students to truly become artists wherever they have applied themselves, including sports.  Our current offerings include:
    Fall:         Boys’ cross country, Girls’ volleyball
    Winter:    Boys’ and Girls’ basketball
    Spring:    Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee, Boys’ volleyball, Girls’ swimming.