The Natural Learner

Our aim in Kindergarten is to work towards:


Strong academic skills

We lay the foundation for success in language arts and math skills.  We work together using a unified math program and place the students in ability groups.  We use manipulatives in math to develop a strong understanding of concepts before introducing paper/pencil activities. Home educators teach leveled reading and phonics, while the teacher at school introduces sight words, word families, journaling, handwriting, and various other language skills.

Strong analytical skills

Using our literature-based program, students are given opportunities to analyze literature weekly.  They discover literary techniques and use them in class stories as well as writing activities at home.  Students discuss character traits, determine right and wrong, and use ideas presented in these classic stories to make decisions about their own lives and behavior. 

Strong Character

We build a foundation of responsibility, respect, obedience, cooperation, public speaking, practicing kindness and learning to be a good friend.  There are so many opportunities to develop strong character at this stage!