The Grammar Stage

1st - 4th Grade

Classical education relies on a three-part process of training the mind, known as the trivium.  The first part of the process begins in the early years of education, where children spend time absorbing facts, methodically laying the foundation for advanced learning.  In the middle grades, students become skilled at thinking through arguments.  And in the high school years, the students study and discover how to articulate their thoughts.  As a result, children at the primary through intermediate levels at SLOCA are within the first of the three stages of the trivium – the “grammar stage”.

In the grammar stage children are receiving the foundation for all other learning, just as grammar is the foundation for language.  In the elementary years, grade one through grade four, the mind is equipped to absorb information.  As children move from preschool, jr. kindergarten and kindergarten to grades 1-4, they will continue to study what was introduced in the early years, with the addition of studying grammar, history, geography, science, and Latin.    All of this information is part of the laid foundation for the second stage of the trivium, the “logic stage”.