Primary (grades 1 & 2)

The Emergent Learner

The primary years at the SLO Classical Academy provide the underpinning for success in all of the goals of the entire school; namely, to establish a foundation of learning that will nurture and motivate independent, analytical thinkers.  Eventually, these natural leaders can effectively communicate and support their ideas orally and in written form.  In order to achieve this, at the Primary level we work towards:

Strong Academic Skills

Primary students achieve a sound academic foundation in math, reading and writing.  Home educators are committed to basic reading instruction that is the groundwork for all other content areas.  They read the assigned literature with their student and help their student's ability to grasp new concepts through discussion.  Teachers at school create lessons that build on thoughtful processing and synthesis of conceptual understanding.  Additionally, Primary students at SLOCA are introduced to Latin through song and recitation in a way that keeps it light and enjoyable, yet foundational for future studies.

Strong Analytical Skills

Using our history, literature and science as opportunities for discussion, students are challenged to apply ideas from the past to the present.  As students are exposed to new information, they have the opportunity to discuss and digest what they are exposed to so that they learn to absorb increasing amounts of information.   The student's ability to get the big picture, the themes across literature and history, and the ability to make connections with their own lives are promoted with assignments in all areas.

Strong Character

The establishment of responsibility for self early on is paramount.  There are many opportunities to help students grow in this area from the simple (like completion of assignments on time and bringing of materials to school) to the profound (a discussion in history about owning slaves).  Community service, behavior accountability, and discussion help the students grow towards autonomy and responsibility.