The Rhetoric Stage - High School


During the rhetoric stage students study the principles of self-expression and begin to implement them in both writing and speech.  They apply the rules of logic that were learned in the second stage to the foundational information they learned in the grammar stage, and they begin to express their thoughts in a coherent and refined language.  The rhetoric stage is the last and final stage of the trivium.

Our goal for students on the high school level is that they become independent learners.  Students take responsibility for classes, assignments, studying, etc.  Our high school students attend school three days weekly (M/W/F), much like in a college setting, allowing them greater independence and two full weekdays to work on assignments or commit to other interests.  Our small class size (average of 16) allows students to be known and invites them to reach their full potential.  The more intimate setting also helps students develop real-life relational skills and appreciation for each other’s unique personalities; additionally, it provides a safe place to grow, make mistakes, and be encouraged by their classmates. 

SLO Classical Academy High School (SLOCAHS) offers quality, college-preparatory classes, which will prepare our students to meet the expectations of colleges. Our history and English classes are rich in literature and writing instruction.  We provide lab science classes and math with an emphasis on learning to think mathematically.  Elective classes often include rhetoric, speech, debate, current events, and art.  All classes are designed to enable students to excel in college, as they will be equipped with abilities to make connections, think critically, and express themselves well.  SLOCAHS offers studies in advanced Latin as well as the opportunity to study modern foreign languages.  Because of the grounding in Latin, students in classical high schools experience great success in nearly every language.