Program Options

How we Educate for Life

Our Signature Hybrid

In this program, the school plans a full week of rich, quality instruction.  Students attend class with qualified, dynamic teachers two days a week and follow the plans laid out by the school at home the other three days a week.  Although the school provides a full plan, there is room for families to customize at home given their individual family dynamics and student learning styles.  We have two tracks in our hybrid program with class Mondays and Wednesdays (Track A), and Tuesdays and Thursdays (Track B).  We have remained committed to this approach to schooling, believing and witnessing time and time again that parents are essential to the learning process of students, and that the educational life always extends beyond the classroom.  Our families frequently describe this program as "life changing." 

Enriched Hybrid

To accommodate families who need or desire more educational care and input during the week, we offer the Enriched Hybrid option to our students in Middle School (grades 5-8) .  Students attend their core classes two days a week (Track A or B), and then attend labs and enrichment courses the other two days a week, for a full four days on campus.  They receive teacher contact time during their labs as they work on their math, writing and other core assignments, and then are exposed to wonderful classes that expand their experience in other forms of writing, speaking, art and life skills.  The involvement of parents, while reduced in time somewhat, remains essential.


The SLO Classical Academy High School (SLOCAHS) program is set up University-style, where students attend school three days weekly (M/W/F), much like in a college setting.  Our high school program continues in the classical model of our K-8 program with an emphasis on students learning to thoughtfully and effectively express themselves through writing, discussion, and oral presentations.  Although we encourage students taking a full load, students are afforded the option of picking and choosing their classes.  Our students have a reputation for the love of learning and are willing to work hard.  Parent involvement is important, but they are no longer considered "home educators" as student independence is required. 

Friday Foundations

This program is for families who desire additional work on math building, spelling, grammar, and critical thinking skills.  They also work on grid assignments as well as special projects.   Students in first grade through upper middle school come to class 8 Fridays each trimester in the morning from 9am - 12pm.  Friday Foundations give students an opportunity to sharpen skills, get more one-on-one time with their level teacher, and connect with students from the other track.  

Friday Play Lab

This program is for families who desire an additional day of school for their Little Wonders students.  Students in preschool through kindergarten attend from 9am - 3:30pm.  Friday Play Lab gives students an opportunity to create, build, learn, read, play, and connect with students from the other track.