Our Community

The community at SLOCA has become such a cornerstone of the school that we have a motto to capture it - Semper Discentes.  This is Latin, and means "always learning together."  

We are a learning community.  We learn with our children, we have learned through the starting of a school, we learn from our mistakes and our successes, we learn how to parent together, we learn about perseverance and kindness and communication.  If you are looking for a perfect community, you won't find it at SLO Classical Academy.  We are just a bunch of real people, looking to make a difference in the lives of our students, our community, and yes, even our world.  Not perfect, but alive.

The reason this community sprang up is because SLO Classical Academy was founded on a collaboration between the school and the home - this school is the strong, incredible educational institution it is because of the pooled effort of amazing staff, faculty and parents.  We continue to be committed to, and reliant upon, strong collaboration between the school and the parents.  The effectiveness of these collaborative relationships is dependent upon all parties working together. 

While we shoot to have high standards, SLO Classical Academy is also founded by real people with strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, joys and mistakes.  Striving for both excellence and grace in our partnerships, we have laid out guidelines to assist in this process.


SLO Classical Academy staff will:


Parents at SLO Classical Academy will: