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Nancy AnastasiaSafety Team Assistant

Nancy Anastasia

Safety Team Assistant

Nancy was raised in Los Angeles and recalls that she was always an inquisitive child, but found herself distraught in Kindergarten because she couldn’t read and it seemed like her teacher was making quite a big deal about it! Nancy felt absolutely stumped, unsure even if she wanted to try to learn - it seemed an insurmountable task. As she told her mom her worries one day over breakfast, her mom soothed her fears and explained to her that the secret to knowing everything was simply to read, and if she learned how to read, she could know everything! Well, that sounded pretty good to Nancy, so she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and tackled her phonics work like never before. And, wouldn’t you know it, she was reading in no time! While she may not know everything yet, she is still enthusiastic about learning and is thrilled to continue her lifelong learning alongside her kids at SLOCA. She’d also like to re-learn the art of basic embroidery and hand stitching, which she hasn’t done since she herself was 7 years old.

Kary AntoniadisKary Antoniadis: Safety Team Assistant

Kary Antoniadis

Kary Antoniadis: Safety Team Assistant

Kary grew up in Green Valley, California, just east of Napa Valley. When she was in high school, her parents took a trip (without the kids) to Italy, and when her dad came home with detailed and passionate descriptions (and photos) of the works of Michelangelo (including trips to the Carrara Marble quarry where Michelangelo obtained many of his raw materials), Kary became mesmerized, and suddenly her personal, educational, and vocational aspirations extended beyond the small neighborhood and town she lived in. She had a new awareness and curiosity about the larger world, especially the art and history in Italy. She took this curiosity and pursued it to Cal Poly SLO, where she received her BA in English. She was translating software from English to Spanish when, on the hunt for a great education for her daughter, she found SLOCA. Since joining the community here, the Antoniadis family has fallen in love with Classical Education, mainly for the way it has changed the conversations and the environment in their home. “Our awareness and appreciation of history, classical literature, Latin, and the flexibility for independent exploration, thought, and expression challenges and inspires us to be better individuals.” When she’s not 100% engaged in the homeschooling portion of SLOCA, or out on the playground supervising student safety, Kary likes to downshift majorly and spend time with her family or out in nature. Once upon a time, about 9 years ago, she took up knitting and absolutely loved it! She claims to have a secret crush on textile artistry of all kinds, and is hoping to pick some beautiful yarn and knitting needles and re-learn this craft. Another goal is to learn how to refinish at least one small piece of furniture. Who knows? Maybe she’ll combine her love of textile artistry with furniture refinishing and create something entirely new!

Becky BaerSLOCA Board of Directors

Becky Baer

SLOCA Board of Directors

Becky has been one of SLOCA’s biggest cheerleaders from the first time she heard about us! She encountered the school when tutoring a SLOCA student, which gave her the opportunity to totally involve herself with the rich, in-depth curriculum we offer. She was enamored with the way Classical Education gave students the chance to relive and evaluate our history, and for its emphasis on critical reading and thinking. This experience led Becky, a long-time educator, to hop on “board” with the Board of Directors about 8 years ago, and she’s been waving the banner ever since. A quintessential life-long learner, Becky grew up in Salem, Oregon, and fell in love with school on the opening day of first grade. This passion, still so evident today, followed her through her education at the University of Puget Sound, where she received a BA in Education with minors in English and Spanish. She remains inspired, each and every day, to learn something new and, if possible, pass this along to others. Becky reckons she should have retired long ago, but has no desire to do so! She’s having too much fun tutoring her students of all ages in many different subjects When she’s not working on board-related duties or tutoring, you’ll find Becky feeding and nurturing her farm animals (chickens, horse, and a pig) and otherwise tending her small farm, in addition to grabbing every spare moment to catch up on her never ending piles of “to read” books. And then there’s yoga to keep up her endurance for all of those activities! In the next year, Becky would like to resume writing vignettes from her life, begin the Great Course on Genealogy in order to do the research on her family history, and also find a way to rid her property of those pesky ground squirrels that are consuming the garden plantings and distressing her on a daily basis! Unfortunately, yoga does nothing for rodent eradication.

Sonja BairHS Science Teacher

Sonja Bair

HS Science Teacher

After a one-year hiatus, we are thrilled to welcome Sonja Bair back to her science teaching post at the High School! A Michigan native, Sonja attended Hope College where she received her BS in Biology, and went on to receive Masters’ degrees in Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene before teaching for a public school in the state. Six years ago she was wooed to SLO by the prospect of working at SLOCA (we’re sure it had nothing to do with the weather!) and how a classical education fosters the connections between subjects. Anyone who has taken a class from Sonja (Biology! Earth Science! Chemistry! Physics!) will not be surprised by the fact that this is her favorite thing about the education at SLOCA. What they might be surprised to find out is that she was almost held back in kindergarten because she just didn't care about learning. But then, halfway through first grade, her best friend told me about the best library book ever, "The Little Blue Bug" (she still remembers the cover). She checked it out and, to her horror, realized she couldn't read it! She remembers staring at the words, knowing that there must be some wonderful treasure hidden in the letters, but she couldn't decipher them. The frustration she felt propelled her to teach herself to read in short order. From then on, she realized that treasures do indeed live between the covers of a book. So much so that she’s even written one of her own! When she’s not diving into the exciting world of scientific discovery with her high school students, you’ll find Sonja hanging out with her husband, kids and puppy. And by “hanging out”, she means working on the fixer-upper house they just bought... Sonja’s quest for learning in the year ahead is to discover how to bring technology into the classroom in meaningful and appropriate ways.

Paige BartelPaige Bartel: High School Science, Algebra, and Science Lead Teacher

Paige Bartel

Paige Bartel: High School Science, Algebra, and Science Lead Teacher

Paige Bartel was raised in Oakhurst, California, just 15 miles from the south gate of Yosemite National Park, where she attended the aptly-named Yosemite High School. It was in her high school biology class, while first learning about genetics, that Paige became enchanted by education. “I was fascinated by everything we ‘didn't yet know’ and was determined to grow up and become a Nobel Prize winning researcher!” she exclaims. She took that excitement to Westmont College with her, and “once I got into science classes in college, the desire to understand why life is the way it is - only the biggest mystery on the planet - took over, and I loved every minute of scientific exploration.” With a special interest in the ethics of genetic discovery, which subsequently led her to read extensively about bioethics in our modern world, Paige graduated from Westmont with a B.S. in Cellular & Molecular biology. But, lest you think her to be only about the sciences, her studies were completed at Westmont with enough English Credits to be just 2 units short of a double major in English! Paige then came to SLO to attend Cal Poly and receive her M.A. in Education - Curriculum & Instruction with an Emphasis on Science, Math, and Technology - and then to secure her Single Subject Teaching Credential in Biology. Since then, Paige has worn many hats - both in and out of the SLOCA community - and some of them simultaneously: running two non-profits (Birth & Baby Resource Network; Mindful Mothers), working as a Doula (childbirth/labor assistant); High School Science teacher, 6th grade math teacher, Long Term Sub, Middle School Science teacher, Algebra teacher, Math Lab teacher, Teacher Tech Helper, Progress report wizard, and now Science lead. And this year, she’s back to HS Science! Whew! Throughout all of the changes and the myriad responsibilities, Paige has remained steadfast in her commitment to SLOCA because of her love for being in a community of people who are passionate about education, and actively trying to build something better for their children. She has also loved that she could work part time, honoring both her role as a mother and teacher. In her time of teaching at SLOCA, she has loved being with kids in the logic stage for the last few years. “In reality” she says “so much of science exists in the logic stage - the urge to find out ‘why is this happening?!’ is what drives so much of scientific discovery.” She acknowledges that her own schooling never placed a huge emphasis on the historical figures that contributed to our understanding of science. Working at SLOCA and learning about Classical Education has created a desire to put all the amazing discoveries into historical context, and to learn more about the scientists that made the discoveries. “I am starting a season of filling in the historical gaps, and I am starting by reading the brand new work by Pulitzer Prize winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee called ‘The Gene: An Intimate History.’” If she’s not at SLOCA, you’ll find Paige baking sourdough bread, brewing some sort of fermented drink, or camping with with her family in their vintage 60's camper.

Pam BartelSchool Store Assistant

Pam Bartel

School Store Assistant

Pam Bartel was raised in Southern California and knew early on that she wanted to have a career in education. She had a few teachers throughout her time in school who modeled for her what it meant to have a lifelong passion for learning; because of them, she was inspired to cultivate the same passion in others. She went on to pursue her BA in English/Elementary Education and a Teaching Credential at Cal State LA. During those years, she experienced an integration of her faith and learning that had a profound effect on the way that she saw not only her subjects of study, but the world and her place in it. That experience has carried her through the years of raising a family and her various roles in the educational world, as a teacher, aide, and tutor. Pam came to SLOCA in September of 2015, and has the high honor of being the only SLOCA Grandparent on staff, with two grandsons in the program, at the Jr K and Primary levels. She is happy to be a part of this community because of the school's educational philosophy and hybrid model. “I love that the model follows the natural development of the child. Someone recently said that children ‘collect, (grammar stage), connect, (logic stage), and create, (rhetoric stage)’. This I see happening at SLOCA.” When she is not supervising student safety on the playground at SLOCA, you might find Pam on an early morning walk, listening to podcasts or music, searching for treasures in thrift stores, baking cookies, or indulging in the latest Masterpiece Theatre series. Pam’s list of things to master in the year ahead includes: how to teach Singapore math, Spanish, and computer skills.

Sandee BeckersSLOCA Board of Directors

Sandee Beckers

SLOCA Board of Directors

It is an absolute joy when we experience three generations of family members engaging in the education here at SLOCA, and we have experienced that joy through the addition of Sandee to our Board of Directors. Sandee has three grandkids, now ages 5, 8, and 9 years, attending the school and she has been able to see them developing a thirst for learning and gaining a confidence in discovering everything around them. This unique approach to education, from an early age and throughout their school years, is doing wonders for her grandchildren and they are now teaching her the necessity of being a lifelong learner! While she herself had not experienced a passion for learning until her early adult years, she opened her eyes to the many books available on diverse subjects, and the relationship between learning and travel. While raising her two children, Sandee fully engaged in her children’s education by being a volunteer at their school. She was subsequently elected to the Santa Barbara Districts School Board of Trustees and served in that capacity for four years. So it should have come as no surprise that, when relocating to SLO to be closer to her grandkids in their growing up years, she would eventually dive into supporting and championing their school. Sandee’s favorite pastime is being with her grandkids and their parents, and I always have three books going, as well as Bible study. She is also married to a guy who loves golf, so she finds herself on the golf course several times a week, and hiking the marvelous trails of SLO County. In this next year, Sandee wants to pursue her study of Italian. She and her husband travel to Italy each year, seeking out the small towns, where the locals graciously allow her to try to speak their language, and will answer her in Italian, rather than English. She also wants to do some background reading on the subjects that her grandkids are studying this next year, so she can keep up with them!

Jenny BischoffBlog Curator

Jenny Bischoff

Blog Curator

Jenny, SLOCA’s Blogmaster extraordinaire, grew up mostly in Lancaster, CA, and Bakersfield, CA, with a couple of years in Texas. As a child, Jenny loved school and books; books are what sparked her desire for learning. That went away somewhat in her older school years, and honestly she’d say it was when her family started SLOCA that the lifelong passion for learning was truly nurtured. “Discovering a whole world of learning alongside my kids made me realize how fascinating life is and how much there is to learn!” Jenny had come to SLO to attend Cal Poly, where she received her B.A. in Graphic Communication; she and her husband stuck around the area and began raising their family while Jenny was working as a graphic and web designer. In 2010, after a few years of having her children at SLOCA, Jenny began toeing into life on Team SLOCA. She loved the idea of being on campus 1 day a week, close to everything that was happening at the school. “It was a chance to be even more involved in my kids' education, and also to get to know the wonderful community of staff and parents more.” She started out working as one of our “Nice Office Ladies” and has been curating our blog, DownHome, for the last 4 years. Anyone who has read the blog knows that Jenny is 100% in love with Classical Education. She particularly appreciates it for the emphasis on quality literature and all that is learned about history, human nature, and life through the process of reading. When she’s not working away at the blog or walking through a homeschool day with her two youngest, you will probably find Jenny in the kitchen, or reading a book, or working away in the kitchen while listening to an audio book! Jenny’s lifelong love of learning is spurring her on to master the art of gardening and canning, as well as to learn more about 20th century history; no doubt there are many audio resources to help her learn more about 20th century history while she works away at gardening and canning!

April BodinePreschool Teacher (Track A)

April Bodine

Preschool Teacher (Track A)

April Bodine is one of the newest additions to our team at SLOCA, diving into the role of preschool teacher just this year! Growing up in Morro Bay, April was blessed with some standout teachers along the way who helped nurture her lifelong passion for learning; she remembers that, as a result of this nurturing, she was already thinking in the 5th grade about what kind of teacher she wanted to be. This desire to teach stayed with her and she went on to receive both her A.A. in Early Childhood Education and B.S. in Child Development from LaVerne University. Her education equipped her for the great work of teaching infants through kindergarten-age students in local children's centers, and then for the even greater work of beginning to raise her (now) 2- and 3 ½- year old boys for the past 3 years. Last year, April’s son started in the preschool class at SLOCA and the more she learned about Classical Education - and our school itself - the more it felt like home. Her motivation for joining the team at SLOCA is chiefly to be surrounded by passionate educators and parents. Wooed to Classical Education, by its focus on beautiful works of literature, April is enthusiastic to continue learning more about the method, homeschooling, and how it all fits into early childhood education as she begins this journey with SLOCA. Recently, April and her husband have caught the adventure racing bug, and you’re therefore likely to find her running, hiking or mountain biking, as they train for their first trail-running half marathon. “Eeeek!”

Jenna BurnsUpper Middle School Logic Teacher

Jenna Burns

Upper Middle School Logic Teacher

We are thrilled to welcome Jenna Burns back into a teaching role at SLOCA! Prior to a three-year hiatus from teaching (in which she brought two delightful children into the world) Jenna had taught HS history/lit, HS speech/debate, UMS history/lit, and been the UMS Lead Teacher. Even while she was ‘gone’, she continued to work at SLOCA through the writing of thoughtful blog posts and successfully coordinating our most recent WASC accreditation process. We couldn’t be happier that Jenna is returning to teaching at SLOCA in the UMS Logic & Rhetoric classroom! Jenna originally came to SLOCA back in 2010 from a teaching post in the public school. She was enamored by the way Classical Edication meets the students where they are developmentally and then pushes them beyond what they thought they could ever accomplish; and the fact that history and literature were being taught together! Jenna’s own love of learning was sparked by her first grade teacher, Mrs. Brown, whom she describes as amazing; granted, the only real memory she has of Mrs. Brown was when she jumped up on a desk to show off her new cartoon character socks! But, Jenna still believes she has this teacher to thank for giving her the love of learning at an early age. When Jenna’s not at SLOCA, you’re sure to find her busily and graciously caring for her little ones; Julianna is now three and Nathaniel is one. In the moments when she’s not trying to keep up with them, she’s diligently working on mastering a new (to her) art of embroidery.

Amy CallowayAmy Calloway: Admissions & Parent Care Director

Amy Calloway

Amy Calloway: Admissions & Parent Care Director

Amy Calloway has spent much of her life in the SLO County area, and can subsequently tell you just about everything you want to know about our county and all of the best places to eat and things to do therein! Amy worked for PG&E, out at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, for almost 20 years before she came to SLOCA. She initially found SLOCA in 2007 while looking for part time work and homeschooling her son full time. Rather than finding herself a job, she ended up finding a school for her son! She then began volunteering as the playground supervisor, worked her way into the job of Nice Office Lady, assisted Susie (Executive Director), and eventually grew into her role as the Admissions & Parent Care Director, while also overseeing the office and the school store. Throughout the growth of the school, and in her roles serving the community, it is no doubt that her degrees in hard work, caring attitude, and strong work ethic have been at play. There are many things Amy loves about Classical Education at SLOCA: the integration of subjects; all levels learning the same thing at the same time; what we teach and how we teach is developmentally appropriate for each level; the character development we see through both good and bad characters that we learn about in history and literature! Amy believes that her own love of learning was sparked just by watching what the school was doing and how our teachers and staff interact with each and every student. When she’s not at school, Amy is to be found enjoying her family - she may work hard, but she also knows how to play hard, too!

Robert CampbellSLOCA Board of Directors

Robert Campbell

SLOCA Board of Directors

Robert’s love of learning was nurtured early on simply through the act of reading. He took his passion for reading and learning with him to Biola University (Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies) Master’s Seminary (Master of Divinity) and then to Trinity Western University (Doctor of Ministry). I will not say ‘finally’, because Robert carries that passion with him wherever he goes, and likely will for the rest of his life. He and his wife were thrilled to bring their children to SLOCA back in 2010 because they knew they would truly be educated for life. “SLOCA has shaped the entirety of our children's lives and ours as their parents” he says. “Having two involved in the High School, we have seen the benefits of the final rhetoric stage of classical education.” When Robert isn’t lending his wisdom and guidance to SLOCA through service on the Board, or leading his congregation in Santa Margarita (a town he dearly loves!) you are most likely to find him reading and talking to people he enjoys. In this next year, Robert’s desire is to learn how to be a better public speaker and leader.

Kara CastroOffice Associate (affectionately called our “Nice Office Lady”, or “NOL”)

Kara Castro

Office Associate (affectionately called our “Nice Office Lady”, or “NOL”)

Ask anyone who knows Kara to tell you about her and you’ll pick up on a major theme in no time - she loves her family! So it’s no surprise that she describes herself as “first a mom, wife, sister, and daughter” and that she’ll declare to you that family is the most important thing to her. In fact, family is what brought her to SLOCA. Kara had been working as a regional manager for a foreign exchange student company when her brother and sister-in-law, who are SLOCA parents, told her about an opening here for the “Nice Office Lady”. Given that she had been watching her nieces and nephew excel here, becoming increasingly more fascinated with SLOCA’s model of education, she knew she wanted to be a part of what was happening here. Also, she has a wonderful sense of humor and didn’t want to give up the opportunity to be called our “NOL”. Kara is most looking forward to diving in and learning everything she can about Classical Education. Her own journey with learning could be described as one of a ‘late bloomer’, always having the desire to learn, but not necessarily having it nurtured as it could have been early on in life. But now, the older she gets, the more she loves to learn about new things; that’s why she feels so strongly that finding a way to ignite that spark into a flame is so important. Kara is excited to jump into this new job, to read more of the classics, and to contribute to our community. When she’s not hard at work doing all of that, you’ll find her cooking and enjoying family meals, or indulging her creative side with painting and yard work.

Lindsey CheneyFred & Betty's Management Consultant

Lindsey Cheney

Fred & Betty's Management Consultant

Lindsey was raised in Bass Lake, CA, and attended CSU Fullerton where she received her BA in Liberal Studies. Such a multifaceted major surely fit Lindsey like a glove, because she is nothing if not multi-talented! For about 10 years now, Lindsey has been running a lifestyle blog where she dabbles in DIY projects, design, fashion, parties, and basic mom things. Back in 2008, at the exactly the same time that her oldest started Kindergarten at SLOCA, Lindsey opened her own handmade business. She began solo - designing, sewing, photographing, listing, advertising, shipping - all her own designs, but quickly learned how to hire help (having 3 kids ages 5 and under will teach you how to do that!). As busy as she was with her work, Lindsey still cherishes the opportunity to engage at the school where her three kids are now thriving. She started out small, as the “pizza lady” for Track A, which gave her the pleasure of seeing her own kids at lunch and getting to know their classmates while serving pizza. Soon after, Lindsey began branching out into more creative and aesthetic endeavors at SLOCA. First, with the help of her parents, she installed the tension wires in the main office, began putting up fun decor in there. That eventually morphed into taking over the general appearance of that office space, and she often works with Susie on other design projects (the recent office redesign, Lead Team offices, Team SLOCA room, library and school store, as well as the outdoor areas of the Den). Lindsey really enjoys designing projects that are on a budget, as it forces her to be creative with the resources available. Not only that, but she loves making her kids' school a more beautiful place, reflecting the beauty of the education we are providing for our kids! Additionally, when we opened the Fred & Betty's thrift store in 2013, Lindsey took on the role of Project Manager during the store remodel, and that lead to her current position of Supervisor, acting as a liaison between the store and the school. She is also the Design Lead at the store for the window and table displays (although our staff is quite skilled at the table displays now as well!). Of this role at Fred & Betty’s, Lindsey says she initially took it on because “ I couldn't walk away from it! I have a passion for design, small business, thrifting and vintage items, as well as supporting our school. Anytime I thought of handing off my responsibilities, There was nothing I wanted someone else to do!” It’s a safe bet to say that if Lindsey isn’t at SLOCA, she’ll be found at home with her kids or at Fred & Betty’s!

Stacey CoteLittle Wonders: Track A Aide

Stacey Cote

Little Wonders: Track A Aide

Stacey describes herself as having been a naturally inquisitive child who was always passionate about learning. She found, growing up in Santa Maria, that certain learning environments allowed her curiosity to flourish and special teachers over the years helped to motivate and challenge her. The blessing of having so many great teachers inspired her to likewise become an educator, which led her to Cal Poly for a B.S. in Liberal Studies and then to obtain a teaching credential. While pursuing her credential, Stacey found herself tutoring a SLOCA student; and experience which allowed her to see, first hand, the difference in knowledge and understanding that a young student was capable of. She knew then that she wanted to be apart of this school someday! In the years following her time at Cal Poly, she and her husband have had three children; and, when the time came for her eldest to begin school in 2015, she knew exactly where he would be going. She loved knowing that her children would be benefitting from an amazing group of educators at SLOCA who would be part of instilling the love of learning in them. Since her eldest began school, Stacey has enjoyed 2 years at SLOCA as a parent, in which she’s especially enjoyed helping Emily at the Library with her quietly mischievous toddler. That mischievous young man becomes a preschooler this year and Stacey thrilled to be able to work at the school where all three of her children are. She remains impressed with the work environment and team-like culture at SLOCA. Even in her volunteering, she has found it to be “an exceptional place to grow professionally and learn from teachers who are passionate about Classical Education.” Stacey appreciates the way that Classical Education has facilitated her family’s reading of incredible literature together, and because many of the classics are first-time reads for her, she gets to discover them right alongside her children. The Cote family has learned so much about history, art and science through the narratives they've read and Stacye looks forward to all the learning and growing they will continue to do together on their homeschooling adventure. When she's not at school or homeschooling, Stacey can be found painting with watercolors with her daughter, reading books with a toddler on her lap, adventuring in Montana de Oro with her family and reorganizing some cabinet or drawer. (She really loves things to be organized!) The next stop on her own continuous journey of learning? Mastering the art of creating authentic Thai food. Yum!

Kaitlyn CutlerKaitlyn Cutler: Admissions Assistant

Kaitlyn Cutler

Kaitlyn Cutler: Admissions Assistant

Known as SLOCA's "Nice Office Lady," Kaitlyn’s is the kind, happy face that greets you when you walk through our office doors. Kaitlyn came to us in March of 2016 when her former roommate, Mrs. LaBine, alerted her to our need for someone to assist with administrative operations and the tending to student and family needs. Because she had heard so many great things about our community previously, there was no question in her mind that this was where she wanted to be! Kaitlyn originally came to SLO, from her childhood home in Quartz Hill, CA, for the purpose of obtaining her B.S. in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration at Cal Poly. Her degree prepared her to dive right into work in the hospitality world, serving in customer service and meeting/event coordination at a local resort. As enjoyable the work, and as prepared for it as she was, Kaitlyn was moved to seek a different context in which to apply her gifts and training. Coming to SLOCA has been the perfect transition, as it has offered her the opportunity to support the same kind of educational experience which was so instrumental in her own life. She remembers an art history class in high school which was for her the most time-intensive and also most rewarding. Through the examination of paintings, sculptures, and architecture she was captivated by the thought-provoking connections between art and society across the span of recorded time. Kaitlyn knows that this captivation occurred because something deeper than memorization was happening. “Learning unfolds a sense of awe and appreciation for life, humble realization of your humanity. You see that there is more to understand, that this universe is more intricate than we could ever fully comprehend, and we have been given the grand gift of an opportunity to explore it. Real learning is a joy and Art History was the class that showed me that!” It’s no wonder she loves the way Classical Education fosters connections through art, literature, and history. Because of her own experience, Kaitlyn can see that “students here are gaining wisdom and understanding beyond their years about the context of our culture, the nature of the present times, and how our decisions affect the future. There is so much creativity and life that flows from the thoughts that these students are exploring - it is fascinating to be around that!” When she’s not taking care of the many community members walking through our doors or buzzing through our phone lines, you might spot her out on one of the many beautiful trails that we're blessed to have in SLO county, or even working on a new (to her) outdoor activity: skateboarding! If not outside, then she could be sharing a meal with a friend or getting to know an International Student through a local organization that helps make these students feel welcome in town. We are glad to have her in the role of welcoming people to our school as well!

Lisa Ann DillonIntermediate Lead and Teacher (Track A), Math Lead

Lisa Ann Dillon

Intermediate Lead and Teacher (Track A), Math Lead

If you’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of our History and Literature trainings, you will probably have heard Lisa Ann Dillon share fond memories of growing up in St. Louis, MO, and stories about fishing trips in the midwest! You also won’t be too surprised to find out that Lisa Ann has a B.F.A. in Theater Arts, given her obvious love of - and gift for - bringing stories to life. She can often be found reading aloud to her kids, and even to herself! After receiving her BFA from Webster University in St. Louis, Lisa Ann continued her education at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, receiving her credential and taking many Master’s level classes in the realm of Human Development. When she entered the credential program at Pacific Oaks College, she met professors who loved to teach and who were masters at making learning accessible for all. She remembers having been a poor student growing up who struggled to retain what she studied. When she discovered that she was a kinesthetic learner and that she could learn things on a deep level - that is when Lisa Ann’s fire was lit. She wanted to help other children develop that awareness and so pursued a teaching career. While living in Southern California, Lisa Ann taught at two different private schools grades K - 4, over a 9 year period. Her family relocated to the SLO area and, while on break from teaching to stay home with her first child (now a young man embarking on UMS @ SLOCA), Lisa Ann learned about the school from a few folks in town. “When I came and saw what was happening on campus” she says, “SLOCA had me at ‘Hello’." Ever since that fateful day in 2006, Lisa Ann has been hooked on our school, our community, and Classical Education. “Whether Classical Ed is administered well or poorly,” she says, “all students will learn! I think we are doing it beyond well and I have witnessed ordinary students become extraordinary scholars. It allows teachers to teach to the whole person which I have always cared about and by moving through the stages of the trivium, it meets the developmental needs of children at each stage.” When asked what she intends to learn in the year ahead, “Hm…” she responds, “I want to learn to cook.”

Kristina DolesExecutive Assistant and Human Resource Coordinator

Kristina Doles

Executive Assistant and Human Resource Coordinator

Kristina cannot remember a time when she did not enjoy learning, and she seemed to have been born with the understanding that sometimes all it took was a question, and the learning would begin. Growing up in Napa, CA, Kristina was the master of her own education, asking (in her words) an inordinate number of questions, most likely to her brothers’ annoyance. When she finally got to school, her questions found an audience and her teachers encouraged them still more. With her curiosity nurtured, Kristina came to Cal Poly to study Psychology and then pursued her education further at Sonoma State University, where she received her teaching credential. Prior to coming to SLOCA in May 2017, Kristina had taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and - most recently - Fourth Grade in a local school district. During that time, Kristina again took her growth into her own hands and began looking into how else school could be done, seeking inspiration. She came across SLOCA's website and connected with the mission and vision of the school. After taking a tour and seeing the school in action, she knew SLOCA was a community that she wanted to be a part of. Kristina loves that Classical Education teaches students how to learn, not simply what to learn. When she’s not at SLOCA, you’re most likely to find her hiking, walking around the park with her husband and their dog, Junebug, or curled up in her hammock chair on the porch, reading a good book. Kristina and her husband just got a plot at the community garden near their house and she’s excited to get some things in the ground and hopefully move beyond beginner's luck! Happy growing, Kristina!

Dan DowSLOCA Board of Directors

Dan Dow

SLOCA Board of Directors

Dan Dow was born in Massachusetts, but was raised in Maine; which, if you’re acquainted with Maine-Massachusetts relations, you’ll know that’s a bit like Romeo becoming a Capulet! Fortunately, the Shakespearean hero’s fate was not to be Dan’s, and he enjoyed his childhood as a “Maine-iac”, attending Zig Ziglar seminars with his parents even in elementary school. He believes these experiences impressed upon him the idea that becoming the best you can be is a continuing process of learning (often through reading), being willing to change and adapt, and seeking out mentoring relationships with others that know more than you and are willing to share their experiences with you. With this foundation firmly in place, Dan was ready to take on the world (and possibly just ready to for a break from the harsh New England winters) when he came to California to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Pre-Law) at Cal State University, Hayward; then it was on to Santa Clara Law for his Juris Doctor. Since 1989 he has served in the Army (both active and reserve), worked as a criminal prosecutor for the past 12 years, and currently serves as the District Attorney for SLO County in addition to serving the California National Guard as a Judge Advocate. The Dow family found their way to SLOCA in 2012 and Dan is a firm believer in the classical model for the simple fact that his kids love it! Classical Education at SLOCA for him is the fusion of excellence in academics with an environment that creates a genuine love of learning. Joining the SLOCA Board of Directors is a perfect fit for him because he sees it as his opportunity to further contribute to his children’s learning experience and to do whatever he can to support the school due to it being an amazing and valuable educational resource for the community at large. It’s clear that Dan has much in his life to keep him busy - between his service to our school’s community and that of SLO County - but that doesn’t keep him from hanging out with his wife Wendy and their children, going on runs or family walks, or savoring a good cup of coffee with a friend. He hopes in the year ahead to also venture down the path of woodworking, starting with a few simple projects and seeing where it leads him.

Merideth EadesMerideth Eades: Little Wonders Director and Preschool Teacher (Track A)

Merideth Eades

Merideth Eades: Little Wonders Director and Preschool Teacher (Track A)

Merideth Eades spent her early years in Southern California but, for the last 30 years, has been calling the Central Coast ‘home’. Merideth’s love of learning was cultivated in the loving hands of her mother - an educator who never stopped learning herself. She had an insatiable desire to absorb new things and, as Merideth grew up, that rubbed off on her and she couldn’t help but follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her mother was always reading about something new in education and the two would spend hours discussing it. This excitement about education prompted Merideth to pursue her B.S. in Human Development(Psychology and Child Development) at Cal Poly, and dive right into teaching. Before coming to SLOCA 8 years ago, Merideth was a Reading Recovery and First grade teacher at a local school. She decided to take a leave of absence to try her hand at homeschooling her eldest in Kindergarten. That’s when she found SLOCA, fell in love, and never looked back! While she has always considered herself a reader, Merideth wasn't exposed to a lot of the classics. Now that she has 3 children at the school, she gets to read and learn right along with them, and has subsequently been taken in by Classical Education. Merideth finds joy in the narrative approach to history and literature, and the way that her children are learning to ask questions and ponder the answers together, which has really impacted her family in a positive way. Besides taking care of three children and a husband, Merideth enjoys yoga, hiking, reading, camping and spending time with friends. She got a Ukulele for her birthday and is looking forward to learning how to play it. For this year’s recitation evening, she decided to challenge herself in memorizing a poem. Part of the reason was to show the parents the lasting impact this cornerstone element of our program will have on their children and the other was just to see if she could. Turns out she can and she even had a great time. It was fun to bring her children in the process and, as a result, she has decided to commit more poetry to memory. Maybe she’ll even recite it while playing the ukulele!

Cozy FaberCozy Faber: Development Director

Cozy Faber

Cozy Faber: Development Director

Cosenza Faber, whom you will know as Cozy (not Comfy, but Cozy!) is another one of those folk who believe that she was born with an insatiable desire to learn, and she seems to never have lost it. Growing up in Oak Park, Illinois, she would spend hours of her time just reading the dictionary! She even scheduled her senior year of high school with three back-to-back study hall periods, just so she could do research on independent projects in the library. Cozy took that fire with her to Purdue, U of I, and ultimately to San Jose State, where she received her B.A. in English. She remained in the Silicon Valley for a time, working and living inside the internet bubble, until relocating to the Central Coast with her husband and their twin girls. When it came time for their girls to begin Kindergarten, the Fabers knew that SLOCA was the best place for them. They were enchanted by the thought of reading, learning and growing together; not just with her kids, but with every single person in this community. The unification that surfaces due to books, historical topics and educational values is endless and inspirational. True to form, when the girls started at SLOCA, Cozy jumped right in with them! Because she had the time and saw a need, she threw her hat into the ring and pitched in where the help was needed. Since that time - 10 years ago - Cozy has served the school as a volunteer librarian, a “Nice Office Lady”, and now as the Development Director. Ever the champion of the growth mindset, she is currently plugging away at a Chopin Nocturne piece on the piano. “Definitely a stretch for me”, she declares, “but MAN is it a rewarding challenge!”

Emily FerrariniEmily Ferrarini, Librarian and School Store Coordinator

Emily Ferrarini

Emily Ferrarini, Librarian and School Store Coordinator

Growing up in Kansas City, MO, Emily was a quiet kid with a lot of free time who spent hours reading everything she could find in the library. This is probably no surprise to you if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting our dear SLOCA Librarian! Emily followed her love of all things books and libraries to the University of Kansas and Emporia State University, receiving her B.A. in English, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and finally a Master’s in Library and Information Science. Emily’s education prepared her to work in public schools, university research labs, and as a children’s librarian in a public library. Five years ago, Emily initially began working at SLOCA simply as a way to stay busy while her kids were attending the school, but it has since morphed into a much more meaningful way to spend her days. Her love for Classical Education has also blossomed, for its focus on history, art, language, and literature. “It's a deeper, wider view of what humanity is, and what it can be, than anything I've seen in the current educational climate. I also get super fired up over poetry recitation!” Outside of work, Emily can be found someplace quiet with a book and her dog. In response to the question of what she wants to learn in the year ahead, Emily says “I want to perfect sourdough bread baking, and just generally spend more time in the kitchen. I enjoy it, but it's one of the first things to go when I get busy. I also plan on keeping up with the high school history reading, so my kids can stop running circles around me in the knowledge department!”

Melinda FragassoPrimary Teacher (Core & Art, Track A&B)

Melinda Fragasso

Primary Teacher (Core & Art, Track A&B)

Ms. Fragasso is among the lucky ones who can say that they grew up in SLO. After graduating from SLO High, Melinda left the Central Coast to pursue a B.A. in Psychology and Minor in Studio Art at the University of California in Irvine. Upon receiving her degree, Melinda decided that the urban sprawl of Irvine was more than she cared for, and moved a little bit closer to home while working on her teaching credentials: a multiple subject and a single subject in art from Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Before fully coming home to the Central Coast, she spent some time teaching art in Washington (the state) and also in Salt Lake City. Five years ago she heard about SLOCA and found herself intrigued by the curriculum and enamored by the philosophy and style of teaching here. She started out by simply teaching a primary/intermediate art class - before art was officially part of the curriculum! - and, the next year, she jumped fully into teaching Primary Core and Art. Since then, her love of Classical Education has grown, through the connection of literature and history, and simply because of all of the great books! It was learning to read, for her, that opened up a great big world to her. A world that her grandmother taught her was filled with places worth seeing, other cultures worth engaging, and many things worth learning about. Melinda’s grandmother, since passed, continues to have a profound effect on her life; Melinda inherited her grandmother’s piano and is feeling the call to learn how to play. When she’s not teaching reading, art, and math to her young students, Melinda is fully engaged in the parenting - and driving around! - of two teenagers. She can also be found walking, hiking, and enjoying nature, reading, drawing, and taking photographs when the opportunity arises.

Emily FranzmannLittle Wonders Aide

Emily Franzmann

Little Wonders Aide

Emily grew up in Morro Bay and although she just missed attending SLOCA, her mother previously taught here and her younger sister was lucky enough to attend. Emily was intrigued by the approach to learning and when she began working on her AA in Early Childhood Education at Cuesta, she was thrilled to help out in the Little Wonders Program. Before she came to us in the fall of 2014, Emily spent her time traveling to Fiji and Bali to work with children and teach english. “While teaching abroad,” she explains, “I experienced a joy the children shared for learning that I couldn't help but want to be a part of!” Her passion for learning and creating creative learning environments has continued to flourish in her time at SLOCA. “I have loved watching the Preschool and Jr. Kindergarten grow and the way the children grow so much through play. It is truly amazing to watch and I learn so much from them every day!” When she’s not working with our Little wonders, Emily can be spotted hiking, enjoying the beach, frequenting local concerts or taking pleasure in a family dinner. This year, Emily is taking a Spanish class at Cuesta and is determined to retain the language. She would also love to learn to play the guitar.

Pam GerhardtPam Gerhardt: Middle School Latin Teacher & Study Lab Oversight (B4 Program)

Pam Gerhardt

Pam Gerhardt: Middle School Latin Teacher & Study Lab Oversight (B4 Program)

Pam Gerhardt hails from the Central Valley, having grown up in Fresno, CA. Her life before SLOCA has been filled with the great work of raising six children, homeschooling, farming, and many other things! Of her time spent homeschooling her children, Pam says “it often seemed like I was the one being educated. Learning about Classical Education, history, the great books and the great thinkers, art and music, and the sciences, I began to realize how much I did not know and it sparked in me that life long passion for learning.” One of her great joys in homeschooling was the opportunity to go through Sarah Weinschenk’s Latin classes with 5 of her own children. So, when expanding our Latin program in 2012 under the direction of Sarah, Pam seemed like a perfect fit! For Pam, the fact that SLOCA was a classical school was the main draw - knowing full well the emphasis on cultivating wisdom and virtue in students - but little did she know how much she would come to love the people and the community found here. Pam is often to be found, outside of SLOCA, spending time with her husband, working on their family farm, riding her bike or swimming, knitting, reading, studying Latin and history, playing with her grandchildren, meeting one of her sons for coffee, and….”yikes! There are not enough hours in a day!” And, as if that weren’t enough, in the year to come she wants to study and read the ancients, philosophy and logic.

Christie GlyssonLittle Wonders: Track B Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Christie Glysson

Little Wonders: Track B Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Christie grew up in Alexandria, VA, a suburb of Washington, D.C., nestled comfortably on the banks of the Potomac. She didn’t have to go too far to find an excellent education, as she attended George Mason University in Fairfax and found her love of learning ignited through taking courses that were of interest to her. She liked it so much that, after she received her Bachelor’s in English (with a concentration in nonfiction writing and editing), she decided to stay on and pursue her Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education! She had been living in Glen Dale, WV with her family and teaching a Universal Pre-K class when her family relocated and together discovered SLOCA. She loves that the Little Wonders Preschool focuses on the importance of young children learning through play and hands on experiences in the classroom and that Classical Education instills a passion for lifelong learning into its students. In the year ahead, Christie is eager to learn more about the importance of poetry for our youngest learners and how poetry memorization can best be applied within the classroom. When she’s not hanging out with our Little Wonders, Christie enjoys spending time with her daughter, Hailey and husband, Scott. She finds great enjoyment in reading, crafting, running, and keeping up with her close friends and family.

Hilary GravesSLOCA Board of Directors

Hilary Graves

SLOCA Board of Directors

Hilary was raised on the island of O’ahu, the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and known for being the home of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and Waikiki. This fact might surprise you, because your first impression of her was likely that this business savvy ranch boss and winery owner had grown up in Texas (or some other area known for high populations of cowboys and cowgirls)! In truth, she did spend a fair amount of time in such regions, because she came to the mainland to study business at Cal State University, Fresno; afterward, she went to the Texas Woman’s University, where she received a Master’s in Library Science; finally, she did some post graduate work in Crop Science at Cal Poly, here in SLO. She runs a farm with her husband and two girls, both of whom now attend SLOCA. Her oldest daughter began coming in 2014 when she reached 7th grade, and since then the family has been thrilled with the passionate teachers, the dynamic curriculum, and the amazing bookstore at the school. They love Classical Education for the integrated subject matter and the fact that students gain a love of learning above all. When Hilary is not at the school (or poring over the books in the store, to be exact!) you’ll find her working away at her farm chores, cooking, baking, or doing Crossfit. In the year ahead, Hilary would like to stretch her mind and body by learning the new skill of kipping pull-ups, and a new subject of study in expandoing her knowledge of California water policy.

Amy HouserKindergarten Teacher (Track B)

Amy Houser

Kindergarten Teacher (Track B)

Having grown up in Canby, Oregon, Amy is one of our team members who have called the Pacific Northwest “home”, a perfect place to stoke her early interest in living things. She has always enjoyed learning about animals and nature, with a developing fascination in human anatomy. She used to look forward to dissecting days in high school, and even audited an anatomy class in college for the pure joy of learning. Even now, she still can't part with the human anatomy books she received for Christmas many years ago! Her varied interests led her to pursue a B.A. in Diversified General Subjects from Hope International University in Fullerton, CA. Amy discovered SLOCA when she found herself at a curious crossroads: just beginning to learn about Classical Education, she was contemplating homeschooling her children, but she also desired to get back into teaching. SLOCA was a place where she could do both! Now, five years into her journey with SLOCA, Amy says her favorite aspect of Classical Education are the History cycles, because of the way they allow her to read the books aloud to her children and continue learning alongside them. Along with continually learning with her kids, Amy hopes to improve my guitar skills in the year ahead.

Anna IngallsLittle Wonders: Track B Aide

Anna Ingalls

Little Wonders: Track B Aide

Anna is another among our ranks who began as a faithful volunteer and ultimately worked her way into a job at SLOCA. Since her oldest son began Jr. K, Anna has been helping out in the classroom, worked as a classroom liaison, and also been a substitute teacher in Little Wonder. Now that she has completed her Early Childhood Education units at Cuesta, we get to welcome Anna to her official role as an Aide in Little Wonders. Having always loved working with preschool age kids, and especially now that her younger son is beginning the program, she is thrilled to be working at SLOCA in this capacity. Anna is glad to be able to have her children receive an education which she herself was not given. When she was in first grade, she experienced that love of learning; however, after a few years and different events, her public school failed and even from early on she knew she wanted more than what was offered to her in that environment. When she had my own children she searched for the best, and she found it here at SLOCA. She loves the way education is communicated, as well as the freedom it brings to her family. Anna and her husband get to be with our kids the best hours of their days and they know their children are getting the very best education at school as well as home. When she’s not at SLOCA, homeschooling, or helping to run the family photography business, Anna can be found playing with her kids, taking family hikes, going on bike rides, at the beach, and camping. She also loves to crochet, work with wood and socialize with friends over a good glass of wine. Anna is excited to learn how to play more at her age. No doubt her time working in Little Wonders will give her ample opportunities to do so!

Ron JohnstonSLOCA Finance Team Member

Ron Johnston

SLOCA Finance Team Member

Ron has been with SLOCA from the dawn of (the school’s) time when he volunteered his time, passion, and business expertise as a founding board member. He believed in the school from the start, for the hybrid model, and for the way Classical Education recognizes that our worldviews come FROM somewhere; our ways of thinking and our approaches to leadership are shaped by thinkers and leaders who came before us. Ron himself has experienced the way the study of Classical writings has informed his understanding of how the great thinkers of the past have reasoned and why. He is proud to not only have been a founding board member and a finance team member, but to also be a SLOCA grandparent. While his public school education in Ventura may not have been what ignited his passion for learning, it at least did not stifle Ron’s innate curiosity. His kids will vouch for the fact that, if they asked a question at the dinner table which he did not have the answer for, he would surely get to researching in order to find them the answer. In our current information-overload culture, this may not seem like a huge feat or noteworthy, but this was at a time before the internet existed! “Back in the day” he says, “we had ‘encyclopedias’ in our house.” Aside from being a wise grandfather and a trusted member of our finance team, Ron also works as the COO of a medical group, running the business so doctors can practice the medicine. In his leisure time, Ron is apt to be found riding his road bike around beautiful areas in SLO County, singing, studying & teaching theology at church, hanging out with friends and family. In the year ahead, Ron would like to rediscover my high school Spanish so he can talk with more people in the community.

Guy KinnearGuy Kinnear: Middle School and High School Art Teacher

Guy Kinnear

Guy Kinnear: Middle School and High School Art Teacher

Mr. Kinnear, or “Sir Guy”, was raised in SLO, where the love of learning and creating was ignited in him. Of that time, he says “I was 7 sitting in my front yard with a pad of paper and looking at Mt. San Luis Obispo. I did a drawing of it the way anyone my age would. A geometric triangle with a scalloped pattern of snow on the top and "m" shaped birds around it. When I was done, I looked at the mountain, and I looked at my drawing, and realized they looked nothing alike. I then redrew it, this time looking back and forth between the paper and the mountain, studying the angles and textures I saw. The resulting drawing had room to grow, but it looked way more interesting. That was the day I realized that research and practice, in other words learning, makes you a better artist. The idea of "talent" would never figure into my thoughts after that.” After some years away from the area (receiving his M.F.A. in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute and teaching Art at Azusa Pacific University) was happy to return home in 2014 to begin teaching Middle School and High School Art at SLOCA. He was thrilled to find a school that aligned with his own teaching pedagogy and espoused a method which valued finding fusion between the past and the present. When asked what he’s most likely to be doing while not at school, he’ll respond to say that it’s some combination of “wrestling my kids or painting, or painting and wrestling with my kids, or wrestling with my paintings and kidding…” Ever desirous of honing his craft, Mr. Kinnear is looking to work on more effectively using the hues of light with expressive color compositions in his painting.

Mary KnudsonKindergarten Friday Teacher

Mary Knudson

Kindergarten Friday Teacher

Mary is a local gal, having spent most of her life in San Luis Obispo, and just taking a little time away when she attended Sonoma State. After receiving her BA in Communications, Mary came back home to SLO to obtain her Teaching Credential at Cal Poly. Her lifelong love of learning was sparked around that time, when she first became a parent. She realized that learning could actually be fun, empowering, and life changing; it wasn’t just about getting a certain set of grades. Mary was staying at home with her two young boys when she found SLOCA in 2009 and was immediately drawn to the love of learning that was so evident and the family focus of the school community. Mary worked for a while as a Kindergarten teacher; then moved into a support role working with educational and curriculum planning when the arrival of her third child required her to take on a more flexible schedule. Now, with her fourth on the way, she certainly has her hands full! When she’s not at SLOCA, you’ll find Mary and her growing tribe hanging out and going on adventures along the central coast. Her goal in the year ahead is to learn how to make a super scrumptious salsa. If you’ve got a secret recipe, beware! Mary is on a mission to wrest it from your grip!

Corin KorenPrimary Teacher (Core & Science, Track A)

Corin Koren

Primary Teacher (Core & Science, Track A)

While many of us can call multiple places ‘home’, Corin’s are arguably the farthest apart of any of us, with about 7,500 miles of distance between the two! Corin grew up in SLO, but has also spent a fair amount of time in Israel, where her husband’s family resides. Israel is also where Corin experienced the ignition of her lifelong love of learning. She had gone away for her first year in college, which was actually a ‘gap year’ program in Israel. That was when she realized that the things she was learning had actual implications and real impacts on millions of people around the world. She experienced first-hand how the history she was learning had been - and still was - affecting countries and people at the time she was learning it. It made her feel deeply just how important it was to expand her education and continue to always be open to learning. Her time in Israel spurred her on to work toward a B.A. in Modern Jewish Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at the California State University of Northridge. After another trip to Israel, spending a year both living and teaching there, Corin and her growing family came back to her SLO home. She was toeing back into teaching by serving as a substitute teacher at schools throughout the city (including SLOCA) when an opportunity for a permanent position came up for the Fall of 2015. Because of her familiarity with our school - the community, the students, the teachers, and the curriculum - Corin was able to say, without a doubt, that slipping into a teaching position here just felt right. She had already come to love Classical Education for it’s simplicity; for the fact that it makes for both a broad and deep education, using some of the most classic and simple educational ideas, while maintaining complete relevance - “there is a point and reason for everything that is learned in our classrooms!” She has loved getting her feet wet this past year and is really looking forward to delving a little deeper into the wonders of Classical Education. With two young children, life is pretty full; but, if Corin is not driving them around, grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning the house, you might find her at the beach volleyball court, or possibly even on a bike ride. She also loves spending time with friends and family, big dinners, park playdates, etc. Finally, she really enjoy debriefing and having great conversations with her husband (once the kids have gone to sleep!)

Alanna LaBineAlanna LaBine: Upper Middle School Math & Science Teacher

Alanna LaBine

Alanna LaBine: Upper Middle School Math & Science Teacher

Mrs. LaBine has sometimes been compared to Anne Shirley, and the similarities extend far beyond the hair color of L.M. Montgomery’s beloved character! Possessing the same insatiable desire to understand why things are the way they are - and talk about them with anyone and everyone who will - Alanna has known from a very early age that she would someday be a teacher. From the first day of preschool, she recalls loving school and learning about the world around her. Every year she would declare “this is the grade I want to teach when I grow up!”...only to say the same for each subsequent grade level. Alanna chose initially to pursue her education in the field of science, obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. While forging ahead on the path toward a Ph.D., working in a lab doing research at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, Alanna couldn’t help wishing that she was teaching instead! During that time, Alanna came to know a SLOCA family, and through a relationship with them, she fell in love with Classical Education, with our hybrid program, and with our community. She knew she just had to be a part of what we are doing here, and when we heard of her deep desire to inspire students in the logic stage to pursue further studies in the fields of Science and Engineering, combined with her excitement about Classical Education, we were equally convinced! Alanna began teaching with us in the summer of 2015, teaching in our summer science camp, and transitioning in the fall to teaching UMS science and Pre-Algebra. Alanna is thrilled to have traded in her lab partners for SLOCA students, sterile labs for the great outdoors, and laboratory research projects for those taking place in the kitchen and garden. Her current research project is focused on the problem of keeping herbs alive in her home garden! Sounds like a great project for this year’s Investigation Celebration...

Nicholas LarsonNicholas Larson: High School Spanish Teacher

Nicholas Larson

Nicholas Larson: High School Spanish Teacher

Senor Larson, along with that of High School Spanish Teacher and occasional Enrichment Teacher, proudly holds the (self-proclaimed, but undisputed) title of “male with the longest hair”. Even more natural than his mane is Nicholas’ happy and subtle sense of humor - you can often spy him wearing wearing sweatshirt culled from a local thrift store emblazoned with the title “Cal Poly Grandpa” or even “Stanford Grandma” (of which he is clearly too young to be either). Nicholas grew up in Sacramento, CA, in a context in which he says education was not greatly valued, but rather something that was an arbitrary requirement. “One day when I was in the eighth grade,” he relates “my mom explained how some cultures, like the ancient Greeks, wanted to learn everything about everything, just for the sake of knowledge and the enjoyment of it. I don't know why, but that changed something in me. I chose to go to high school and learn just for the sake of learning, for the richness that it brought to my life.” He was inspired, only in his senior year of high school, to seriously consider a college education. This led him to Cal Poly in SLO, where he studied his way to a B.S. in Kinesiology. After graduating, he stuck around the area and worked as a substitute teacher for various schools around the county. This stepping-stone proved instrumental in his journey toward SLOCA, as it allowed him the opportunity to get a feel for every grade from Kindergarten through HS. He knew he wanted to teach Spanish, but wasn't sure at what level. In the end, he fell in love with teaching at the high school level, and in 2014 came to SLOCA to do just that. Like all of the faculty at SLOCA, he fell in love with our educational philosophy and knew that he wanted to be a part of it, but it wasn't until after he began working here that he learned how wonderful our community is. His greatest joy at SLOCA is observing the students who have put a Classical Education into practice, seeing them embody what they learn - they inspire him! Outside of teaching, Nicholas is passionate about music, reading, writing poetry, eating colorful food, and acquiring new languages - he’s just begun to learn French (“Why not?!”)

Michelle LeaAccountant

Michelle Lea


Bio coming soon.

Debbie LeeAssistant to the High School Director

Debbie Lee

Assistant to the High School Director

If there was one word to describe Debbie Lee, “vivacious” would just about fit the bill. Anyone who has met her would assume that Debbie has always been filled with the same eagerness to learn about myriad subjects and desire to acquire new skills as is so apparent in her today; however, it wasn’t until college that she believes her true lifelong passion for learning was sparked. She had left her hometown of Visalia, CA, to pursue a BA in Psychology at Pepperdine University, when the opportunity arose for her to do a study-abroad program for 2 summers in Florence, Italy. And it was there that she realized the true magic of learning. History, language, art and culture came to life for her as she visited museums, cathedrals, and monuments. She toured the major cities, such as Rome, Venice, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, and it was through these experiences that she came to appreciate and embrace the infinite opportunities for learning. And she does, indeed, embrace those infinite opportunities to learn! Debbie has owned businesses in medical billing and graphic design; at SLOCA she has worked as a “Nice Office Lady”, currently assists the High School Director and creates manages the Weekly Update. Personally, she loves to do all sorts of outdoor and fitness activities, taking care of her many animals, baking, reading, singing, playing the piano, and is even taking drum lessons! Her favorite opportunity for learning, however, comes through having her son at SLOCA. She loves that Classical Education engages young minds in great literature, history, science, music, Latin, language, art, and math and how it creates connections between all the subjects. She is able to see first-hand how those connections come to life and help her son learn about his world. As if she doesn’t already have a lot going on, she still says she would love to learn something crafty - like knitting, sewing, or painting. “I would also love to re-learn Italian,” she sighs, “I miss being able to speak Italian!”

Sara LockFred & Betty's Thrift Store Manager

Sara Lock

Fred & Betty's Thrift Store Manager

Sara was raised in Visalia, California, where her lifelong love of learning was nurtured by a mother who believed in the power of stories. Sara and her mother would bond over the simple - and yet profound - activity of reading novels aloud. In the fertile soil that her mother had tilled with these stories, Sara was able to cultivate a love for other cultures by pursuing a BA in Anthropology at San Francisco State University, and returning to those roots when she attended St. John’s College to obtain her MA in Western Classics. Beyond a deep interest in learning about people through the stories they tell, Sara also has a certain penchant for managing retail stores in idyllic places. Before coming to SLO and managing our Fred & Betty’s Thrift Store, Sara had managed a retail gift shop on Lake Sebago in Maine. When she relocated to our area, little did she know that she would find a job that would speak to her love for quirky shops while also supporting Classical Education, which she values for its intrinsic idea that people can think for themselves. If you stop by Fred & Betty’s and find that Sara is not there, then it’s a safe bet that she’s soaking up the good California sunshine or buried in a book. In the year ahead, Sara would like to learn all of the local hiking trails; she’s got her work cut out for her, to be sure!

Erin LutonErin Luton: Safety Team Lead & Interim Dean of Students

Erin Luton

Erin Luton: Safety Team Lead & Interim Dean of Students

Erin was born in Arizona, but considers a far more lush environment to be home, having lived in the Puget sound region of Washington for most of her life. Erin always loved school and even remembers pretending to have homework at the age of 5. Learning has always been something she valued and she continues to embrace it each and every day. This love of learning went with her to Washington State University (“Go Cougs!”), where she received her B.A. in Humanities with an emphasis in English. With her education complete, Erin set out to engage fully in the education of her own children - volunteering in classrooms and in the PTA. She had a hunch that some day all of those years of experience would be useful, and indeed that proved to be true when she found SLOCA in a job hunt after moving to SLO in 2015. Erin had never heard about Classical Education before finding us, but has come to appreciate how the method embraces art, literature, and history. Aside from that, she loves kids and loves learning, so working on the Safety Team at SLOCA seemed like a good fit, and she was right! Since coming aboard, Erin has quickly grown into her role as Safety Team Lead and Ashley's (our Dean of Students & Safety) right hand (wo)man. Outside of school, Erin can be found in all manner of environments, doing all sorts of activities: hiking, bike riding, playing disc golf or tennis, at the beach, or exploring new areas with family; reading, cooking, or going for walks in solitude. Erin loves to dabble in all sorts of activities, and so when she is asked to tell you something she wants to learn, her reply is: “Something? How about somethings (plural)! My go-to method for summer fruit desserts is a cobbler but I am determined to make a pie that I am satisfied with! Plus I recently learned how to play chess so I would like to learn new moves so that I can beat my oldest son. Oh! And read more of the literary classics that I regretfully never read (I am currently in the middle of Jane Eyre). And lastly, when we lived in Washington, we had a produce farm, so much of my time was spent gardening and preserving the literal fruits of our labor. Now that we are in SLO, I haven't done anything like that so I would like to get back to growing our own produce (if only a little)...” Whew!

Cheryl McCabeSafety Team Member & Custodian of Student Records

Cheryl McCabe

Safety Team Member & Custodian of Student Records

Growing up in the Philippines, Cheryl always loved school, but didn’t really develop a passion for learning until her college years. She knew very well how to be a good student, follow instructions and do what she was told, but that was it. When she came to Cuesta College, she had to take responsibility for her own education and as she began to explore areas of study that piqued her interest, the desire and longing to know more emerged! She finished her time at Cuesta with an AA in Child Development and worked for a local, non-profit agency, coordinating children's services with a focus on child care for SLO County. The McCabes have been with SLOCA since their oldest child entered Kindergarten, and he is now going into Lower Middle School, so they feel quite woven into the SLOCA culture and lifestyle. Now that our youngest son is coming in, leaving Cheryl with a few hours of extra time, it only made sense to invest her time into the community they've come to know and love! “What I love most about classically educating my children,” Cheryl says, “is not only does it capture their imaginations but it forces them to think beyond themselves.” When she’s not at the school or directing the homeschool days of her three boys, you can find Cheryl hanging out with her family, reading, running, taking pictures, or eating! Her goal for the year is to learn how to swim by July 2017 - we’re rooting for you, Cheryl!

Paul McCulloughPaul McCullough: High School Literature Teacher

Paul McCullough

Paul McCullough: High School Literature Teacher

William Stafford once said that you have to teach kids NOT to be poets, and Mr. McCullough’s personal history has led him to believe this to be true. Everyone loves to be read to, and through his own experience of this, Paul became a voracious reader as a kid. But then high school came along and he stopped caring about everything except skateboarding, music, and girls. How much of this was his own short-sightedness and how much of this was a product of his rather narrow and uninspiring cultural milieu (Silicon Valley at the turn of the millennium)? Having a bad-luck-run of apathetic teachers during his junior and senior years didn't help either. Paul drifted through most of his freshman year at Cal Poly getting B minuses and nodding off in the back of huge lecture halls--until he took two classes simultaneously: a class called Great Books: Romanticism through Modernism taught by the inimitable Robert Inchausti, and Introduction to Philosophical Classics taught by Ken Walker, to which and whom he owes an enormous debt of gratitude. Those two professors had opposite teaching styles in nearly every way, but both showed him that there were important things to be found in books--things that he desperately needed to hear. He started reading voraciously again because he wanted to know what they knew. (He maintains that he will never come close.) That was years ago now, but in many ways he’s still reeling from the electric shock of reading Tolstoy, Melville, Plato, and company for the first time. That's how his subsequent journey began, anyway: from undergrad at Cal Poly to pursuing a M.A. in English at the University of Iowa, and then on to Yale Divinity School for a M.A.R. in Theology. Paul stayed on the East Coast for a while, Teaching at the Westover School, an all-girls boarding school in Middlebury, CT. “It was a lot like Gilmore Girls, but with fewer commercial breaks.” Alas, the West Coast was calling to him, and SLOCA offered him the perfect opportunity to come back home. He was wooed by the small class sizes, the students who love books, and the sense that we - the entire community - are in it together. In his first year at SLOCAHS he has already worn many hats: Teacher of English, Master of Athens House, Leader of Book Clubs, Senior Project Director, and Occasional Blogger. When he’s not diving into literature with the students at SLOCAHS, Mr. McCullough can be found skateboarding around the mean streets of Los Osos, reading in Linnaea's, tilling his little plot of ground, backpacking in Big Sur, batting leadoff and playing centerfield for the Royals (SLO Men's Baseball League), and attempting to cultivate various forms of constructive idleness. His own search for greater understanding and personal education has lately sent him on an investigation of comparative cosmology.

Ken MooreSLOCA Board President, Finance Team Member

Ken Moore

SLOCA Board President, Finance Team Member

Ken is one of those incredible human beings who, although he has a very full day job (pursuing the practice of law and advising community banks), still has the ability to dedicate countless hours of service to SLOCA by volunteering as the Board President, a member of the Finance Team, a level-headed interpreter of legal gobbledygook for the law illiterate, and even as a coach for flag football (which he declares to be his favorite role of all). His desire from the beginning of the Moore’s time at SLOCA has been to contribute alongside his wife in their kids’ education, and we are so grateful! Ken grew up in Santa Barbara and, although he’s always been a curious guy, he gives the credit for his love of learning to his mother, who forced him every summer - from the time he could read - to participate in the local library's book challenge on number of books read. He doesn’t recall ever having won the competition, but this activity made him a reader of books for life. This early exposure to rigorous study would certainly serve him well as he went on to Cal Poly for a BS in Business Admin with a concentration in finance, and then still further in his pursuit of a JD at Washington and Lee University. In 2010, Ken and his wife brought their children to SLOCA, knowing that the education here would provide them the context for, and deeper perspective on, this crazy thing called life! When he’s not expertly juggling all of the aforementioned roles at work and at the school, Ken will be found spending time with his family travelling, hiking / backpacking, at the beach, goofing off at the skate park, or just hanging out. In the next year, he hopes to learn how to play something slightly more complicated than Hot Cross Buns on the piano.

Cade NewmanCade Newman: Upper Middle School Lead and History/Literature Teacher

Cade Newman

Cade Newman: Upper Middle School Lead and History/Literature Teacher

Mr. Newman was raised in Hanford, in California’s Central Valley. Here in this hub of agricultural trade, something else began to take root in Cade’s life when he read Les Miserables in high school: a deep and abiding love of learning through literature. Taking that newfound excitement, and escaping the summer heat and dense winter fog for which the Valley is known, Cade came to Cal Poly in SLO to pursue a B.A. in English, as well as a M.Ed. Just over a year ago, as Mr. Newman had settled into his career, having taught Language Arts for 15 years at a local public school, the opportunity came for him to transition into a teaching role at SLOCA. Cade has been involved at SLOCA for quite some time: he and his wife chose SLOCA as their preferred way of educating their children; and, over time, his commitment to the community grew, prompting him to serve on the Board of Directors for the school. Because he could see first-hand the efficacy of Classical Education in the lives of his own children, Cade could hardly resist the opportunity to fully take part in the Great Conversation and help more students find their voice therein. In the year ahead, Cade is looking forward to delving deeper into his study of our Founding Fathers; with our upcoming year in the history cycle, there will be no shortage of resources to aide him in this endeavor!

Mark NickodemusAthletic Director

Mark Nickodemus

Athletic Director

A self-described avid surfer, rock climber, and Pinochle player, Mark developed a love for athletics at a young age, having participated in numerous sports, including soccer, basketball, wrestling, golf, and cross country. He grew up in Payette, Idaho, a small town which looks across the Snake River into Oregon. He struck out for the big city of Boise to attend the University of Idaho where he majored in Recreation, with a Minor in Outdoor Leadership. After college, Mark went on to work for the YMCA - in Colorado and in SLO - leading before and after school programs, coaching multiple sports, and directing summer camps. Mark brought his passion and knowledge of recreation to SLOCA in February 2017 when he came on board as our Athletic Director. He was excited about the opportunity to grow a program which would build knowledge and teamwork, instill perseverance, and teach sportsmanship along with the skills to compete well. Above all, he is passionate about youth and helping them to achieve their full potential both in athletics and academics, and because SLOCA is a place which values a love of learning and personal growth, he knew this was the place for him. Mark hopes to foster his own love of learning by growing in his skill as a harmonica player, as well as in the art of woodworking. Who knows? Maybe he’ll learn how to make a wooden harmonica!

Jennifer PerneelPrimary Lead and Teacher (Core & Science, Track B)

Jennifer Perneel

Primary Lead and Teacher (Core & Science, Track B)

Mrs. Perneel couldn’t tell you when, in her childhood days in Morgan Hill, CA, she first discovered her love of learning, or even when she first learned to read; what she can tell you is that the love of learning is just part of her, and her mother would tell you that Jennifer ALWAYS had her nose in a book as a child. Her passion prompted her to pursue a B.S. in Child Development at Cal Poly, and top it off with a credential from Chapman University. Anyone who has met Jenn knows that she was meant to be a teacher! There was a time, however, when Jenn was not so certain about her teaching career. She was working in a local public school district and, finding herself discouraged, was just about ready to leave the world of teaching behind. That’s when she stumbled upon SLOCA. The blog (no website yet!) showed a school that was everything she had wanted to be a part of when she grew up. Jenn likes to say that SLOCA saved her teaching career. Since coming to SLOCA in 2006, Jenn has served in the roles of Primary Teacher, Lead Teacher (Primary and Friday Foundations), Level 1 and 2 Math Teacher, Primary Science (Track B) Teacher, and a proud SLOCA parent! Jenn’s reasons for loving Classical Education are many: the integration of beautiful books and history into the daily lives of her students; the fact that Classical Education believes young ones can, in fact, handle substantial content; that she is able to teach students HOW to think, not WHAT to think; she is able to spark something in every single one of her students through a literature story or piece of history; she could go on…! Outside of the classroom, Jenn focuses on being a mama to her two busy kids and wife to her husband of 14 years, cooking for family and friends, and she loves to read. Did we mention that yet?! Her 7 year old daughter, who just took up crocheting and sewing and is hopeful to teach Jenn as well. Jenn’s wishing her daughter better luck than her Home Ec. teacher had!

Kaitlyn PerryKindergarten-Intermediate Music Teacher

Kaitlyn Perry

Kindergarten-Intermediate Music Teacher

Kaitlyn is one of the few among us who call the Midwest home, having been raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Kaitlyn always loved learning and being a student; however, through the example of her history teacher, her senior year of high school is when that lifelong passion was truly fanned to flame. This teacher modeled for Kaitlyn what it meant to look beyond what the textbooks say, and truly examine all subjects from multiple angles with the bigger picture in mind. It was after taking that class that she really started to crave deeper learning and be able to appreciate education as a gift and not just a box to be checked on life’s to-do list. With an open mind and a readiness to learn, Kaitlyn hop-skipped over the borders of Iowa and Missouri to Greenville Illinois, to pursue her Bachelors of Music Education for K-12 vocal and instrumental music. After college, she relocated to SLO and dove into teaching private music lessons at Music Motive. Kaitlyn came to us in December of 2013 after hearing about us in the community and becoming intrigued by the Classical Education framework. Hearkening back to what inspired her love of learning, she was refreshed to see that the point of Classical Education is not to "teach to the test", but rather to teach students to learn at a deeper level. When she’s not at school she can usually be found teaching her private music lessons (40 students!), or finding ways to be outside as much as possible. Kaitlyn loves to run, hike, paddleboard, go to the beach, and find new places to explore. In the year ahead, Kaitlyn would love to learn Spanish and how to surf - if you know any Spanish-Surfing instructors, send them our way!

Tiffany RatliffTiffany Ratliff: Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Tiffany Ratliff

Tiffany Ratliff: Events & Volunteer Coordinator

Tiffany grew up in Paso Robles, in the loving home cultivated by her mother, Amy Calloway (recognize the name?!) Tiffany attended Cuesta College, where she received her A.A General Studies A.A Hospitality Management. Before coming to SLOCA in 2014, Tiffany had been working full time for a private country club and was looking to use her gifts in a more positive environment. When SLOCA began looking for someone to help coordinate volunteers and manage our many events and hospitality needs, it seemed only natural to Tiffany to join the community that had such a positive impact on her family. She had been able to see first-hand what an incredibly rich education was being offered here. Tiffany has a penchant for overseas travel, combined with philanthropic ventures (a passion which was ignited on a journey to India) and would someday like to found her own charitable organization. When she’s not coordinating volunteers and events at SLOCA, Tiffany can be found indulging in fine wines and cheeses, and jumping on planes for last-minute trips to every corner of the globe.

Wendy ReyWendy Rey: Lower Middle School Teacher (Core, Track A&B, and Science, Track B

Wendy Rey

Wendy Rey: Lower Middle School Teacher (Core, Track A&B, and Science, Track B

Wendy Rey has been a steady presence in our community since the very beginning, and her roles here seem to morph every 5 ½ years - from Nice Office Lady to Little Wonders Teacher, and now to Lower Middle School Teacher! Coming to SLO from Sacramento in order to obtain a B.S. in Social Sciences, Wendy and her husband stayed in the area to raise and homeschool their sons. That was when her love of learning was really sparked. Of this time, she recalls, “this different kind of ‘Classical Education’ was introduced to me for the very first time and I knew I wanted something different for my own children. It was in 2005 when that spark grew to a flame. SLOCA has made the most profound impact on me personally and how I view education and the importance of being a lifelong learner.” Wendy happily took the Nice Office Lady position the first year SLOCA started; then, she eagerly jumped into the Little Wonders teaching position when her children were older and she realized once again how much she loved being in the classroom. In this time, her love of Classical Education has grown, for the way it aims to teach the whole child, cohesively integrating all subjects while also focusing on character growth. You are most likely find Wendy laughing and playing games with her family, reading a book, hiking, riding her bike, cooking, or sharing coffee with a friend. As she jumps into a new teaching position at SLOCA, Wendy knows that there will be a lot to learn. Finding creative ways to stimulate deep thinking in a fun and engaging way is a general skill she want to grow in; specifically, she want to become "Grammar Girl"!

Steve ReinSteve Rein: High School Math Teacher

Steve Rein

Steve Rein: High School Math Teacher

Dr. Steve Rein, in all of his years of attending or working in educational institutions, has been surrounded by mascots of either the horse or bear variety. Growing up in Goleta, his high school mascot was the charger; in his undergrad at UCLA, where he received his B.A. in Economics, the bruin; while working toward his M.A. and Ph.D. in Statistics at UC Berkeley, the bear; he currently resides in Los Osos (“the bears”); teaches in the Statistics Department at Cal Poly, home of the Mustangs; and also teaches Geometry at SLOCA, whose mascot was recently named: the Grizzlies. What are the odds? He could probably tell you - what with his mastery of statistics - but who can say what the meaning might be?! Silly ponderings aside, Steve has been a part of the SLOCA community almost from the beginning, with his kids starting out here in the second year of the school. Then, in the first year of the High School, Dr. Rein jumped into teaching Geometry as an opportunity to get more involved in the education of his kids and other members of their community. Steve has greatly appreciated Classical Education for the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum and also the willingness of the students to thoughtfully discuss any and every topic. Much like them, Steve liked just about everything about school (except for spelling) and has continued to enjoyed learning new things and thinking over the issues that come up in life. The next new thing to learn on his docket: the programming language of Python.

Kateri ReinKateri Rein: High School & Enrichment Director

Kateri Rein

Kateri Rein: High School & Enrichment Director

Kateri was raised in Kennewick, Washington, and loved school as a child. That love suffered in high school but was revived at Mills College when, while working toward her B.A. in Sociology, an interest in the field of education was sparked. As her children started heading towards school, she delved further into her research on education and was inspired by the classical model. She and her husband made the decision to homeschool because she was, above all, excited about learning again, invigorated especially by the idea of learning with her children. Kateri and her husband found SLOCA in 2006 and, due to the resonance between the school and their own desires for their family, SLOCA was a natural and good fit. Since then, Kateri’s role at SLOCA has grown along with the school: starting as the Kindergarten afternoon teacher, then added coordinating Academy Classes, which turned into overseeing Enrichment, and soon after developing the High School program! Her great joy in working here comes in seeing the thoughtfulness, wisdom, and expression that develop throughout high school and are especially profound in our juniors and seniors. In the year ahead, Kateri has two goals: reading the high school books along with her children and embracing cooking. Of her goals she says “the benefit of my youngest going to high school is that my children are reading the same books again, and I can't pass up the opportunity to join them. I miss when we were all reading the same literature! And cooking... well, it is just not my favorite thing to do, but my sister is an inspiration and cheerleader, so I have decided to work on my culinary skills and attitude!”

Tim RondaSLOCA Board of Directors

Tim Ronda

SLOCA Board of Directors

Tim Ronda grew up in Bonny Doon, California; a tiny little community in Santa Cruz County which began as a logging camp and was named after a line of Robert Burns’ poetry - for all you poetry fans and/or fanatic Scots in the audience. Tim embraced a love of learning early in his youth and sought a well-rounded education in college, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Architecture with a Minor in Philosophy at Cal Poly. The Ronda family came to SLOCA in 2005 (the dawn of SLOCA time!) for the emphasis the school placed on classic literature and integrated history. Since then, Tim and his wife have given countless hours to volunteering their time and talents to supporting our school’s community. While Tim has a day job as an architect, he has employed much of his professional know-how in his volunteer work at SLOCA, as his main aim in joining the Board has been to help with long-term facility planning. We are most grateful for Tim’s work in the complete remodel of our beloved high school campus! While there is much to occupy his time, both in his day-job and his work for SLOCA, Tim is hoping to devote a bit of time this year to a new line of work: Ford Bronco truck repair.

Sarah RootKindergarten Teacher (Track A)

Sarah Root

Kindergarten Teacher (Track A)

After taking a year off to stay home with her new baby (her third, impossibly bright-eyed, boy!), Mrs. Root is back in her role of teaching Kindergarten at SLOCA. Sarah was raised locally and, in the 5th grade, caught the learning bug from her teacher. It was obvious that her teacher loved educating, and her enthusiasm and passion for learning new things was contagious! Because of her teacher’s example, Sarah viewed learning as something wonderful and desirable. Following that example, Sarah pursued a B.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Teaching with an Elementary Ed. Emphasis, and her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential through Chapman University. Her education set her up for various roles: working at Santa Barbara County Mental Health in Children & Adolescent Services/Crisis Intervention; Teaching 3rd Grade P.E., Teaching Reading Intervention to 3rd-5th grade students; Coaching 3rd-6th grade Track; and even Teaching a K-2nd grade cooking enrichment class. Sarah was first enticed to join the community at SLOCA because she loved the idea of getting to teach with rich literature. Of her encounter with SLOCA, she says “It was so exciting to me to see a school that loved and praised literature. I had been collecting classic picture books since high school for my someday students and someday children and it was just super exciting to see it in action at SLOCA!” Sarah started with us in the Fall of 2010, and continues to build a love for Classical Education, for the way it builds a solid foundation in core skills and that each skill builds upon the next in a natural, progressive, and logical flow. “I also love, love, LOVE that we teach across the curriculum and tie everything together with history and literature. I think it creates such a meaningful context for our kids to be able to connect with!” she exclaims. When she’s not at school, Sarah is busy chasing around 3 boys and her husband, running long distances (half marathon being her favorite), hiking local trails, swimming, or going to the Santa Barbara Zoo. In between the outdoor adventures, Sarah can be spied sewing, reading, and trying new recipes (“reading through a cookbook with lots of illustrations is just bliss!”) She is really interested in learning how to quilt and becoming proficient at it enough to create a beautiful, keepsake quilt using the baby clothes all her boys have worn that have memories tied to them.

Eryka SantoyoDevelopment Officer

Eryka Santoyo

Development Officer

Eryka joined Team SLOCA this summer to take on the role of assisting with internal fundraising programs that support our mission and community. She works diligently with Cozy Faber to manage all social media platforms, keeping the SLOCA community involved and up-to-date, and is busy cultivating individual relationships and partnerships with SLOCA families and staff. It’s a job that requires a lot of energy, and Eryka is certainly equal to the task! Eryka was raised in Torrance, CA, and, as far back as she can remember, she has wholeheartedly enjoyed being a student. She describes herself as “a student, above all else”. This passion only grew as she moved through her years of formal education, following her to UC Santa Barbara, where she received her BA in Communications with a Minor in English. In addition to nurturing her love of learning through schooling, Eryka was also developing a passion for community development and fundraising, coordinating blood drives for the Red Cross and benefit walks for a local brain injury support center. After graduating, Eryka quickly put her education, experience, and energy to work, building and successfully completing the launch of the LAPD’s largest nonprofit venture honoring the 207 officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. When she wrapped up her project with the LAPD, Eryka was ready for a change - of scenery and pace - and that’s when she found SLOCA. Of the school, she says “SLOCA is the epitome of an organization that brings communities together and cultivates a true learning environment. I believe in being in a role of service. I love to learn new things, I enjoy being challenged and contributing to a team that is committed to a mission. SLOCA offers all of the above, while providing an environment that encourages personal growth and development.” Beyond simply being a great place to work, Eryka knows the value of our mission because “Classical Education breaks the norm and stigma of education. It puts the spark back into learning. I love that Classical Education allows for students to immerse themselves in the material they are studying, to truly learn and retain valuable lessons they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.” When she’s not putting her all into work at SLOCA, you can find Eryka reading, going on hikes, playing sports - beach volleyball and softball are her favorites! - at the beach, or in the kitchen testing out new recipies. But don’t let all that activity fool you, she also really enjoys some quiet time at the beginning or end of her day- “it's a nice way to detach and get balanced.” In the year ahead, Eryka would like to learn how to stand up paddle board - she’s clearly in the perfect place to do so!

Sarah ShotwellSarah Shotwell: High School History Teacher and College Advisor

Sarah Shotwell

Sarah Shotwell: High School History Teacher and College Advisor

Sarah belongs to that group of SLOCA staff who found themselves living all over the West Coast, and especially spent time in Seattle, Portland, and Granite Bay (Sacramento). As far back as she can remember, Sarah has always been a researcher. “I also had a precocious vocabulary,” she says “which puzzled my parents.” She didn't have google back then, but what she did have was an encyclopedia from the 60s in the basement. Sarah remembers being five or six, and right after learning to read, going through the pages of the encyclopedia to memorize all the different breeds of dogs and their various traits. That's how her vocabulary started growing. She learned that Labrador Retrievers were "Gregarious." Chows were "Temperamental." Dachshunds were "Obstinate." This curiosity later expanded to a curiosity about history and politics and theology. “I think I just got in the habit of going and finding the answers to my questions. The internet is now my own personal disneyland. Weee!!” Sarah’s exuberance led her to Cal Poly for her BA in History, and then to the University of Washington for a MFA in Creative Writing. Putting those creative writing skills to good use, she was working in wine marketing as a writer and communications specialist. Wine writing was the first writing she ever had published nationally. “I wrote the sumptuous, artsy descriptions on the backs of the labels. You can still find them in Vons!” In 2012 her heart turned to teaching - “I wanted to hang with smart teenagers all day, and SLOCA had the best teenagers!” She also fell in love with Classical Education’s emphasis on the rich study of history. Sarah believes that nothing is more important in the development of aware, civic-minded beings - and she gets to be a part of that process every day. When she’s not diving into history with the students at SLOCAHS, Sarah is most likely to be spied in the front window of Steynberg gallery with a breakfast burrito, compulsively revising the novel draft she’s been working on for three years while simultaneously updating her band’s social media accounts. Sarah is currently pondering about effective activism, particularly regarding the causes of the drought in California and what can be done at the local, state, and national level about this dire situation that we've inherited. She wants to know what the problems are so that we can work to fix them, and subsequently to educate her students while modeling for them civic-mindedness and community responsibility.

Chuck SmithSLOCA Board of Directors

Chuck Smith

SLOCA Board of Directors

Chuck was born in California but grew up on a ranch in Hobble Creek Canyon in Northern Utah. His parents, six siblings and assorted relatives belonged to a conservative church which ran a private elementary school. Chuck was held back from attending this school until he was eight because he was too energetic to sit still. Luckily, his first educational experience was with an amazing SLOCA style teacher who helped him complete 1st and 2nd grade his first year. Chuck’s educational history since that time has been varied (Unschooling! Boarding school! Gap year!) but he eventually landed in SLO, where he attended Cuesta Community College, transferred to Cal Poly-SLO, and graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration focused on sales and marketing. Upon graduation, Chuck was given the title of President and sweat equity to turn a failing business around. Shortly after that, he met his future wife when she was on a girls' trip to SLO. Chuck and Geri have two amazing daughters who both attended SLOCA. One is a SLOCA high school graduate, and the other spent ten wonderful years here. Chuck's favorite outdoor activity is hiking Bishop's peak and stand up paddle boarding, where he doesn't have to ever sit in a chair. Without his positive experience with an extraordinary SLOCA style 1st-year teacher, he believes his life path would have been far less successful. This exposure to a love of learning is one of the many reasons he has been committed to the SLOCA board for ten years. He firmly believes that SLOCA's leadership creates a unique educational experience, infuses a deep love of learning, and carefully chooses exceptional teachers that create an enriching, personal, and moral impact in students' lives while building knowledge and character which positively transforms the community.

Michelle StahnkeTrack B Safety Team Member

Michelle Stahnke

Track B Safety Team Member

This is Michelle’s second year working on the Safety Team at SLOCA and we absolutely love having her around with her fun-loving personality and hilarious sense of humor. When she’s not at school, you’re most likely to find Michelle cooking, baking, canning, hiking, camping, reading, engaging in 4-H activities, or otherwise enjoying time with her wonderful family.

Jessica SterlingLittle Wonders: Aide

Jessica Sterling

Little Wonders: Aide

Jessica was raised in Santa Maria, CA and found her love of learning under the guidance of her third grade teacher, simply through her unique approach and view of what learning truly is. She was inspired then to work towards giving the same experience to other children and she is thrilled to be actively working out that goal here at SLOCA. Jessica has her AA in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta and is currently in the process of obtaining her BA in Child Development at Cal Poly. Jessica came to SLOCA in September of 2015, joining our Little Wonders Team as an aide, and she quickly fell in love with the way the Little Wonders team cares for each individual child, as well as with the unique approach to learning. It was clear to Jessica that all of the teachers at SLOCA worked to take care of each student and truly wanted them to succeed. She has also come to love Classical Education for the large influence literature has on the curriculum and how much the children learn through the characters of their stories. “This education does its best to meet every child's needs and it is so great to see parents being a huge part of that!” When Jessica is not at SLOCA, she’s bound to be studying away at Cal Poly, leading a student ministry on Cal Poly’s campus, spending time with family, hiking, reading, or just plain sitting at a coffee shop! She’s hoping to begin learning how to play the piano this year and wants to be able to incorporate it into the preschool classroom.

Ronelle StowellRonelle Stowell: Intermediate Teacher (Core & Science, Track B and Friday Foundations)

Ronelle Stowell

Ronelle Stowell: Intermediate Teacher (Core & Science, Track B and Friday Foundations)

Ronelle was raised in the Bay Area of California and, as far back as she can remember, she has always loved learning. Indeed, one would have to have quite a love of learning if they were to tackle the intense work that goes along with obtaining a B.S. and M.A. in Psychology and still be fired up enough to go on to receiving a Ph.D. in Clinical Ecosystemic Child and Family Psychology, as she did! Before coming to SLOCA in 2012, Ronelle had been working in the world of mental health and balancing life as a homeschool mom. She found SLOCA initially for her kids and, due to her love of working with children, her growing affection for the community, and a deep appreciation for the Classical model, there was no question in her mind that she’d also love to work here. Ronelle taught at SLOCA for three years (a majority of that time in the Primary level), and, after taking a year off to be with her family, we are happy to welcome her back to SLOCA in the role of Intermediate teacher. When she’s not at SLOCA, you are bound to find her shuttling her kids around the county to their various extracurricular activities or perhaps soaking up a good book. In the year ahead, and in the midst of all the busyness, Ronelle would love to learn yoga.

Todd TalleySLOCA Finance Team Member

Todd Talley

SLOCA Finance Team Member

Todd is a local boy, which probably won’t surprise you, given the recognizability of his family’s name and the role their farm plays in our county - a family farm at which he continues to work to this day. He grew up in Arroyo Grande, always enjoying school; and, when the time came, he migrated to the big city to receive his education in Political Economy at UC Berkeley. However, the Central Coast still had a hold on him and before long he was back in the area and bringing up the next generation of Talleys. Todd and his wife Jill have been huge supporters of the school, practically from the day they first heard of it, even before their own kids were old enough to attend! They were drawn to the classical education model because it enables us to study and take part in the Great Conversation that has occurred for millennia and is still taking place today. When Todd is not working on the farm or tending to his duties as the Chair of SLOCA’s Finance Committee, you’ll find him spending time with family, serving at church, running, hiking, and reading.

Jill TalleySLOCA Board of Directors

Jill Talley

SLOCA Board of Directors

It’s easy to think of good communicators as people who are really good at speaking, or presenting, or somehow getting a point across; but, if you’ve spent any amount of time with Jill, you’ve been made aware of the fact that great communicators are the ones who know how to truly listen as well as speak! A small town girl from Idaho, Jill hopped across the state line into Washington to pursue a BA in Communications from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University. This is where she truly fell in love with learning, as she found herself surrounded by a dynamic community of students and professors who were engaged by story. The stories of people, places and ideas are absolutely captivating and simply interviewing people engendered in her a fascination for all manner of subjects. She’s still blown away by the fact that if you ask a person a question they will answer you back! Jill brings her fervor for collaborating with people who have a shared vision and passion to her role as a SLOCA parent, director on the school board and fundraising committee member. One of her favorite things about Classical Education at SLOCA is the fact that we learn history through a narrative. “Read that: no history textbooks.” When she’s not guiding her children through their studies, collaborating with team members toward a common goal or making connections in the community, you’ll find Jill outside enjoying time with family or friends. In the next year she would like to know how to get more hours out of the day. If you find the secret, Jill, pass it on!

Tony TaylorTony Taylor: High School Math Teacher

Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor: High School Math Teacher

When you are first introduced to Tony Taylor as a math teacher, you may be tempted to take this primary role of his at SLOCA and attach to him whatever preconceived ideas or silly stereotypes you hold of math teachers. Resist the temptation, because if ever there was a person at SLOCA to fit the title of “renaissance man”, it would be Mr. Taylor! Consider that, when asked to declare his favorite piece of literature, he responds with: “Winnie-the-Pooh, by A.A. Milne, AND The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky”. This variety of interests extends beyond his literary preferences, as Tony’s passion for learning has led him to excel in the fields of philosophy, mathematics, theater, education, and writing. Tony grew up in South East England, just outside of London, originally thinking he might become an actor or a novelist. He pursued his education at Bristol University, where, reading books that would change his world, his lifelong passion for learning was truly ignited. After receiving a B.A. with Honors in Philosophy, Tony continued on to secure a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the Bath Spa University. Over a decade ago, Tony and his family came to SLO, merely in pursuit of a short holiday from England. By some extraordinary twist of fate, they remain to this day! In addition to working as a writer and editor for various books and articles, Tony has periodically worked with the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts, teaching acting and the Alexander Technique. His love of writing and the theater are about to merge, as he plans to write a play in the year ahead. Tony came to SLOCA back in 2012 when he saw an ‘advert’ we had placed for teachers. Due to a prior knowledge of the school and a firm belief in the value of Classical Education, there was no question in Tony’s mind that he would like to work with us. It is no wonder that he holds Classical Education in high esteem, for the way it teaches children to love great books, that they, too, might someday list the works of Milne and Dostoyevsky among their favorites.

Brenda TebbetsBrenda Tebbets: School Store Coordinator

Brenda Tebbets

Brenda Tebbets: School Store Coordinator

Brenda is another one of our team who has worn many hats, and whose role has continually evolved, here at SLOCA. Hats have included: yard duty staff, bookstore clerk, Assistant to the Development Director, and now the School Store Coordinator. She had planned on being on campus to help with allergy education - it being an issue of great personal significance. Once the Dean of Students realized she would be around to help all day, she was hired to help with the Playground. One thing led to another and now she is part of the team which brings all of the lovely books, fun merchandise, and essential curriculum to the school store. Brenda’s own lifelong passion for learning did not start until her children started this school. Disenchanted by the educational system and her own lack of success as a student, Brenda was looking for a way to educate her boys that would not leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths. After their first observation of SLOCA, she and her husband knew they had found something very special here. Now, she’s reclaiming her own education by educating her boys at SLOCA. Learning history in chronological order has helped her personally better understand our past. “We were fortunate to start with the Ancients,” she says, “and going through the time periods a second time has enriched their education more deeply. She and her husband have the joy of seeing their children make connections between different time periods and civilizations. She loves that she and her husband are involved with their children's education. When not tending the school store, Brenda is most likely to be found driving and waiting for her kids while they are at gymnastics (6 days a week!) She also spends a good amount of time searching online for crockpot recipes so dinner will be done when they get home!

Susie TheuleSusie Theule: Executive and Visionary Director

Susie Theule

Susie Theule: Executive and Visionary Director

Susie is pretty sure that when she came into this world, making her debut in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, she was absolutely filled with the love of learning. That fervor died down somewhere by the time she reached 8th grade, but was rekindled while taking her required literature classes in college. Now, that passion for continual learning and growth - and anyone who has spent 5 minutes with her can attest to this - is insatiable. It’s no wonder she’s such a firm believer in the importance of studying the humanities, no matter the course a person’s career may take - she is a first-hand witness to the power the humanities hold in stoking a person’s lifelong love of learning. Emboldened by her undergrad experience, Susie forged ahead on the path to obtaining her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Rosemead School of Psychology at BIOLA University. After grad school, it looked like the course of her life was pretty well set: set up a private practice as a long-term therapist, grow a (fairly large) family, and delve into the time-honored tradition of DIY home improvement. Alas, her life took an unexpected turn when, in her hunt for an amazing education for her own children, she became smitten by Classical Education. Why smitten, you ask? “Mercy!” she exclaims, and then proceeds to declare that it’s because of the way Classical Education prepares us to take part in the Great Conversation, and that we can ride the coat-tails of those who came before us. “The literature! The integration of subjects! The depth!” This introduction to Classical Education opened up a new path to her, and two years before the school opened its doors, Susie was working vigorously to make SLOCA a reality. From the early days of Co-Directing the school and into her current role of Executive and Visionary Director, Susie’s focus remains on ensuring the best education possible for her children, and all of the children at SLOCA. In the rare moments when she is not hard at work on all things SLOCA, Susie’s most cherished activities revolve around her family: out-cheering anyone in the crowd at her kids' sporting events, camping locally, and cultivating their home. Her latest endeavor within the home involves working on her her skill of making coconut yogurt (although she admits she hasn't nailed that quite yet) and, if that goes sour, she also has a knitting skill in mind.

Emily TreatLittle Wonders: Kindergarten Aide

Emily Treat

Little Wonders: Kindergarten Aide

Emily began her childhood in Morro Bay and then in 2nd grade moved to San Miguel. It was around this time that Emily began working out her desires to be a teacher, making up lesson plans and “teaching” her students (who were, in fact, imaginary) through the use of the big whiteboard in her room. Talking about education came naturally to her and Emily believed she was born to be a teacher. This belief was confirmed for her when she took a bit of a detour into the world of nursing. She realized, in the midst of her studies and work as a nursing assistant that it simply wasn’t her calling and she immediately went back to her first love, switching into coursework for teaching. Emily declares this to be the best decision she has ever made! She had heard many wonderful things about SLOCA, from families and employees, and was thrilled to join the team last year, working in the Little Wonders Pre-K class for just one track. Now she gets to work in the Kinder class on two tracks. She loves how rich and inviting the program is and the way it encourages people to learn more about themselves and their own education - regardless of how little or big they are. Aside from teaching, Emily loves to spend time with family, enjoying the beach, hiking, and traveling.

Caroline VaccaroCaroline Vaccaro: Art Teacher (Kindergarten & Intermediate) and AC Teacher

Caroline Vaccaro

Caroline Vaccaro: Art Teacher (Kindergarten & Intermediate) and AC Teacher

Caroline is a Central Coast woman, through and through. She grew up in San Luis Obispo, and went to Westmont College in Santa Barbara where she received a B.A. in Art and a B.A. in Business and Economics. It was at Westmont, in her very first college art history class, when Caroline realized she was in love with learning. She was working in the world of Technology and Pharmaceutical Sales before she came to SLOCA in 2008. She came to SLOCA because, simply put, she wanted to teach, and she loved the way Classical Education lends itself toward the connection of ideas in life, history, art, and literature. Her love of art history is evident in her teaching at SLOCA, as her students are often creating their own versions of classic paintings, displayed in the school office for the enjoyment of all! When she’s not in the classroom or laboring over the creation of our school’s yearbook, Caroline can be found playing and coaching soccer and basketball, hiking, reading, and doing her own painting. In the year ahead, Caroline wants to learn herself to be more teachable - a worthy call for us all!

Lisa WallaceLisa Wallace: Intermediate Teacher (Core, Track A&B and Science, Track A)

Lisa Wallace

Lisa Wallace: Intermediate Teacher (Core, Track A&B and Science, Track A)

Lisa Wallace was raised in Santa Ana, that California city famed for it’s gusty winds. The winds blew Lisa to Long Beach State to begin her college days as a Spanish major, to the University of La Verne for her B.A. in Liberal Arts and a Teaching Credential, and eventually to the North County of SLO. Here she settled into the work of raising and homeschooling her four boys, which she declares is where most of her education truly took place. “The day our first son was born” she says, is when her love of learning was ignited. “That overwhelming realization that there was so much to teach him - about life, history, where we fit into the big picture. I spent countless hours reading to and nurturing my babies. It built a great desire within me to learn even more.” After her boys were grown, she didn’t feel like she was done teaching, so Lisa came to SLOCA in February 2011 because “it fit so well with the way I homeschooled my own boys - the integrated subjects, history as literature, and of the reading so many great books.” She initially came just to teach Intermediate core, and has since bounced to High School Spanish and Intermediate science, then back to teaching Intermediate core and science. When she’s not at school, Lisa can be found playing with the grandboys (“did I mention I have 4 sons and 5 grandsons - no girls?!”), hanging with her hubby outside in nature, hiking, walking on the beach, biking, caring for animals. In other words - as far away from cooking and housework as possible! Of her next learning endeavor, Lisa says “I keep telling myself I will conquer speaking French, since 2 of our grandies use French as their primary language.”

Ashley WalterAshley Walter: Coordinator - Academy Classes and Clubs, Dean Consultant

Ashley Walter

Ashley Walter: Coordinator - Academy Classes and Clubs, Dean Consultant

Ashley Walter (resist the temptation to add an “s” to the end of her name!) could call just about anywhere on the West Coast “home”, having resided in cities like Los Angeles, CA, Tacoma, WA, and many places in between. Her love of sunshine ultimately convinced her to choose California as a permanent home; although, the Birkenstocks she occasionally wears suggest the Pacific Northwest will continue to hold a special place in her heart. After all, it was Washington’s Running Start program which gave her the opportunity to succeed in her education, and put her on the path toward helping other students find success in their education. That path would take her to Washington State for a B.S. in Human Development and Psychology; to City University in Tacoma for a M.Ed. and Guidance Counseling (while working part time in various positions as a ParaEducator, a Wellness Program/Center Director, and a HS Career Counselor); and to Loyola Marymount University for her School Administrative credential (while working full-time as a School Counselor and Assistant Designee in West LA). Ashley is surely no stranger to hard work! After all of that, it was time for a bit of a step back from the rigors of formal education. While in transition from LA to SLO County, she and her husband wandered abroad for 5 months through parts of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Morocco, Spain and Italy. Once they made their way back to their new home, it was time to get back to work, and Ashley slipped into a role as the School Counselor and Assistant Designee in a migrant community north of Paso. However, her desire was really to be in a non-traditional school setting, hopefully with like-minded people, and working in an Administrative role. Apparently, the power of intention is strong because all of these hopes have been fulfilled at SLOCA! One year in, and although she is still learning about Classical Education, she believes it to be the most well-rounded and wholesome educational model that she’s encountered. She looks forward to learning alongside her kids one day. Apart from SLOCA, you’re most likely to find Ashley at some variety of group fitness class, working on a home-cooked meal or home-improvement project, in the great outdoors, or somewhere enjoying the occasional siesta. In short - there’s no telling where you might find Ashley! While she’ll be learning all kinds of new things in the next year (with her first bambino on the way), she also hopes to eventually start taking dance classes once again. Here’s to finding your new rhythm, Ashley!

Karen WeaverLittle Wonders: Track A Aide

Karen Weaver

Little Wonders: Track A Aide

While Karen may have only recently (spring of 2017) begun “officially” working at SLOCA, she has been volunteering consistently as a parent since 2010. Being able to work at a school that she loves, in a capacity that also allows her to continue educating her daughter at SLOCA meant that taking on this role was an absolute slam-dunk for she and her family. Karen loves the fact that, through the education at SLOCA, her whole family is learning to think and ask, "Why?" That nurturing of a lifelong love of learning has become very important to her because roughly eight years ago, she was able to see what that kind of passion looks like later in a person’s life. She had become acquainted with two women through church functions, both in their late 70's, who still had that fire in them and had not ceased to learn. Even though their bodies were frail, their minds were still so vibrant, and had preserved a love of learning that translated into a love for people. Karen found herself inspired by these women and was renewed in her own desire to continue learning. When Karen is not at the school or doing school at home, you’ll find her sitting in the bleachers at her children's athletic events, baking; and depending on the time of year, tending her vegetable garden. In the year ahead she would like to master the art of baking gluten free bagels, in addition to figuring out how to eradicate the gophers and moles in her yard!

Sarah WeinschenkSarah Weinschenk: Upper Middle School and High School Latin Teacher

Sarah Weinschenk

Sarah Weinschenk: Upper Middle School and High School Latin Teacher

Magistra Weinschenk grew up in the borough of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, in an ideal environment for cultivating a deep and abiding love for learning. The McCurdy family dinner was instrumental in this cultivation, extending beyond an hour every night and filled with lively conversation, covering myriad subjects. Equally contributory to Sarah’s lifelong passion for learning were family trips to the Harrisburg Public Library, taken frequently and treated with some measure of ceremony. Mr. McCurdy required the girls to wear dresses or skirts for the occasion, sending the message that going to the library was an important event. If you could step into this beautiful old limestone building on the banks of the mighty Susquehanna River, surrounded by the warmth of woodwork and breathing in its wonderful, evocative smell, you would hardly wonder that she grew up thinking that everyone always had a great book in progress. When it came time for Sarah’s education to extend beyond Hummelstown, she embarked on a pilgrimage across the Susquehanna in (successful) pursuit of her B.A. in Latin from Dickinson College. But she didn’t stop there! Her path took her east to Fordham University in Bronx, NY, where she completed her formal education and received a M.A. in Latin. Sarah was contentedly teaching Latin classes from her home and raising her son, Ethan, when SLOCA found her in 2005. Founders Susie Theule and Lisa Lewis convinced her that it would not be all that different from teaching at home. Well . . . it has become much more than that! In her 10+ years teaching Latin to SLOCA’s Upper Middle School and High School students, she has come to love Classical Education for its interdisciplinary nature and unapologetic emphasis on great books and western culture. Likewise, she appreciates working among inspiring colleagues and being part of building an excellent school from the ground up. When there is no Latin lesson to be taught, or Virgil to be discussed, you might just spot Sarah pedaling her way along one of SLO’s many scenic roadways or soaking up a good book. In the year ahead, she would like to deepen her understanding of the crisis of the Republic in Roman history; knowledge which she will no doubt bring to her beloved students at SLOCA.

Jessica WilsonPreschool Teacher (Track B)

Jessica Wilson

Preschool Teacher (Track B)

Jessica may have grown up in North Hollywood at the time when the term “valley girl” was en vogue, but that popular 80’s song does nothing to describe this colorfully-clad and playfully-bespectacled Preschool teacher of ours! At about the age of 8, Jessica was reading (an activity you’ll find her indulging in, any time, any where, and from any thing - even cereal boxes!) the Little House on the Prairie series when she found herself absolutely puzzled by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s claims that tomatoes and cream could be considered dessert. “Preposterous!” she declared, and sought out her mother for clarification. Her mother explained that tomatoes, when homegrown, were sweet and delicious; prompting Jessica to wonder about how much in her current life was different from Laura Ingalls’ life. She distinctly remembers wondering if even the chicken she was accustomed to eating tasted like it did in that little house on the prairie. These questions fueled her desire to continue learning and read still more about all things new and different. With this fire in her belly, she went on to pursue a B.S. in Human Development, with specializations on Early Childhood Education, Emergent Curriculum, and Play. She received her degree at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena CA and went on to work in the magical world of children’s literature: finding herself managing the children’s department for Borders Books and the whole of Storyopolis, a bookstore in Los Angeles that specializes in children's picture books and includes an art gallery representing book illustrators. It’s no wonder that the love of literature, so obvious at SLOCA, is what drew her to our community back in 2013! Jessica’s pursuit of growth is motivating her to “master the skill of mastery”, as she acknowledges her tendency to want to rush through learning new crafts or ideas. First up: learning to play her lonely little washboard while her husband plays happy tunes on his homemade cookie-tin ukuleles.

Jennifer WrightJen Wright: Lower Middle School Lead & Teacher (Core, Track A&B, and Science, Track A)

Jennifer Wright

Jen Wright: Lower Middle School Lead & Teacher (Core, Track A&B, and Science, Track A)

Jen Wright is one among our ranks who came from “back East”, having grown up in Montclair, New Jersey, and attended the University of Rhode Island. After receiving her B.A. in Marine Science, Jen spent some time teaching marine science on a research vessel to children in Rhode Island before heading “out West” and subsequently pursuing a teaching credential at Cal Poly SLO. It was in this time that Jen really discovered her love of learning. “I was mature enough to appreciate what I was learning, and wanted to make learning meaningful, engaging and fun for my students.” She took up a teaching post in Orcutt before taking time off to be with, and raise, her children. When she was looking to ease back into teaching part time in 2007, Jen discovered SLOCA and was thrilled with the opportunity to engage in meaningful education full of quality literature, digging deeper into subjects through quality socratic discussions, and helping to build a love of learning. Working at SLOCA has given her the freedom to teach in meaningful ways where students are so receptive and eager to learn. If she’s not at SLOCA, you’re more than likely to find Jen exercising, in one form or another, creating that much-needed mental break and stress reliever. “It's also lots of fun to do with my girlfriends, AKA: ‘the biker chicks!’” In the year ahead, Jen would love to learn how to paint with watercolors and acrylics. She has a dream to paint the beautiful landscapes in our area, including the silhouettes of the mountains as the sun is setting, the changing foliage of the vineyards in the fall, and of course the ocean - her favorite place to be on the weekends, where she gives herself permission to be totally lazy!