Discover what makes SLOCA amazing.

SLO Classical Academy emerged from a dream of offering a distinctive educational alternative that brings students and parents together and satisfies the longing for a quality education.  Following that dream, Lisa Lewis and Susie Theule began a journey that would lead to the founding of SLOCA.  A seasoned educator, Lisa envisioned offering an option that reflected her beliefs about what a solid, engaging education offers.  A perennial student and a parent of four, Susie desired a school for her children that would encourage a passion for learning, be meaningful and rich, and prepare her children for life beyond the classroom. 

Together, Lisa and Susie embarked on a great (and wild) quest to find the answers to these questions:

How important is education, really?  What does great education actually provide?   How can the many hours dedicated to school (an average of 2,340 days in class and 16,000 hours of time on campus by the end of the high school years – and that’s before homework!) actually create meaning and value for our kids long after they have flown the coop?  Can education keep students' attention?  Will students' time in their classrooms really give them what they need?  Can the love of learning be preserved?  What is the best we can give our children?

After much reading, researching and contemplating, SLOCA was born as an answer to these questions.  Opening in 2005 to 27 children grades Kindergarten - 6th grade, we began conducting classes in four homes, and it has since grown to over 320 students grades Preschool-High School, serving families from all over the Central Coast on our current Grand Avenue school campus.

Built on the knowledge that these years lay the foundation for so many things in the lives of our students - their relationships, their approach to the love of learning, their ability to tackle challenges, their desire to reach goals, their ability to think through the many issues that will so quickly bombard them, and their leadership qualities – SLOCA, 10 years down the road, remains committed to its mission to be a community that forges character, fosters wisdom, and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.  Our community members know and experience daily the truth that SLOCA exists to educate for life: the education we provide is life-enriching, life-preparing, and life-giving; we understand that education is not a means to an end, but a worthy end itself.  

Why have so many families decided to invest in their children through SLOCA?  Why are some families willing to drive 40+ miles to bring their children to SLOCA?  Because SLOCA is special.  We combine an amazing, time-tested education with down-home living.  We read great books that touch and change us.  We bring families together.  We provide an education that is effective and completely prepares students for life and forever learning.  We teach kids to think for themselves and challenge their character, all within the warm arms of a supportive community.  And because we continually see wonders in our children – from the youngest ones identifying the climax in a story to the high schooler able to discuss Plato and his impact on the modern world, wonders abound at SLOCA.  

You don’t have to just take our word for it though!   We asked parents why they continue to choose SLOCA for their children, and they explained that it is because we offer them:

So, “Why SLOCA”, you ask?  Good grief!  We think the real question here is “why not SLOCA?”!