Parties w/a Purpose

Life together can be so delightful (and delicious)!

Working to strengthen community ties can be the most rewarding time spent. Meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and basking in the warmth of elevated conversation, fine wine, and delectable comestibles are just a few of the benefits when sharing a meal together.  

This year we have partnered with twelve SLOCA families and are proud to present a season of dining experiences unavailable anywhere else. We give our heartfelt thanks to each and every host, chef, winemaker and farmer who have created these culinary adventures for you to participate in.  

With so many parties to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your fancy! Make it a date night or get a few friends together and call it an evening of communal friendship, fine food and support for SLOCA.


February 9th, 2018, 5–8 pm, Come enjoy an evening with Chef David Stoothoff of Madeline's Restaurant

Calling all seafood lovers! Come enjoy an evening hosted at Bill and Sandee Beckers beautiful estate. You will enjoy a 5-course meal paired with wines prepared by Chef David Stoothoff. David and his family have lived on the central coast for 17 years and own a delightful restaurant in Cambria. This particular menu will lean more towards French preparation with a California influence - all sourced local and organic. The wine you will be indulging in, come from hard to find, low case production boutique wineries. David is excited to express his creative talents in a way that will help raise money for the school. This evening will be a true culinary delight!

Hosted by: Bill and Sandee Beckers and David Stoothoff

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March 4th, 2018, 5–9 pm, Come party with popular downtown restaurant, Sidecar & owners Josh and Lauren Christensen

Josh and Lauren Christensen invite you to partake in a fun evening at their NEW groovy downtown location!  This evening will boast craft cocktails, comfort food, and fun drink history. ( by the best cocktail makers in town ). Their motto is " thoughtfully sourced, California craft, on your plate and in your glass". You don't want to miss this! Great for a big group gathering - invite your friends! 

Hosted by: Josh and Lauren Christensen

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April 21st, 2018, 5-8 pm, Mighty Nimble with Hilary Graves and Camatta Hills Vineyard

Come enjoy an evening in the vineyard among the rolling hills of Creston. You will hang out with woman winemaker and farmer Hilary Graves. She will give you a crash course in wine-making 101, plus serve you a delicious harvest-themed farm to table dinner - FAMILY STYLE! The beauty in family style service is that it makes for a more communal and casual dining experience.  You with be amongst friends here! Come and relax with us. * Wines by Mighty Nimble

Hosted by: Hilary Graves

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May 19th, 2018, 5-8 pm, Evening in Argentina with Chef Aaron Hilton and Jeff Faber of Opolo Wines

This evening will boast an authentic Argentine Asado with a light conversation about the traditions of their culture. You will sit under the night sky on the outdoor patio complete with a rustic outdoor brick oven. You will start the evening off with a custom welcome tea, delight in grilled organic meats, stuffed butternut squash, homemade empanadas, and more! Jeff Faber will pull some deep cellar wines to give you a dynamic wine pairing experience that makes each dish truly come alive. You will feel the Spanish style influence with every bite!

Hosted by: Aaron Hilton and Jeff Faber

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All reservations are final and nonrefundable.  If you are unable to us a reservation, it is transferable to another person.