Now in its tenth year, and with a solid basis in the humanities, SLO Classical Academy is looking to expand its offerings and is in the process of creating a STEM lab to serve its 340 students, ranging from preschool through high school.

SLOCA has prided itself in its interdisciplinary approach to education, and specifically aims to foster a generation of lifelong learners and critical thinkers, ready to contribute and alter our world , by encouraging students to dive deeper into areas of interest, whatever they may be.  As you know, science, technology, engineering, and math are critical to many industries, and providing a space and the resources to encourage these subjects in a practical way, and capture the imaginations of budding STEM innovators is infinitely better than simply reading about these things in a textbook.  And the bonus?  Our STEM specialists will be grounded by their strong studies in the humanities - setting themselves apart in future endeavors.

Our vision for The Lab @ SLOCA is to see a wide range of STEM opportunities, from robotics to programming, chemistry, aeronautics, bioengineering, and anything else in between.  Our goal is to build a space where students from as young as Kindergarten and all the way through their senior year, can create in teams, compete nationally, and simply tinker individually.  Our desire is to see students take things apart, build and create, make mistakes, and freely explore.

As we begin the process of filling The Lab space with the necessary components (everything from tables to circuit boards), SLOCA is looking to businesses within our community to come alongside us and provide some of these materials.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, all donations are fully tax-deductible, and greatly appreciated.  

If this is something you or your business is interested in partnering with us on, there are three ways you can help:

     1. Donation in any amount (room naming and other recognition opportunities available, per request);

     2. Donate items purchased directly from our Amazon Wishlist, or;

     3. Donate gently used items to The Lab (hint: use the wishlist above as a guide!)

Ultimately, our desire is to create a space that encourages our students to dive deep into their interests and push the envelope on their imaginations, and our hope is that you are just as excited as we are by this new undertaking!

Ready to help?  Send an email to with "The Lab" in the subject line or call Cozy Faber at 805.548.8700