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Semper discentes – always learning together.


Feudalism in Europe

“With the Norman Conquest complete, the implementation of the Feudal System takes hold, and life in England is never the same again. Kings rule over nobles who rule over knights, and peasants work for a pittance in exchange for security and a bit of land.”

The level of organization in medieval Europe was incredible. People were divided into specific, social groups and each group had their own different jobs to do. Some thought that this division was divinely authorized. Individual rights were non-existent and privileges were acquired based on their membership in one of the social orders. One group couldn’t work without the other.

The Vassalage, the Manorial System, the medieval peasant’s life, the aristocracy of the high middle ages and the role of the tournaments are some of the things we will be discussing this week.

Here are some resources to enrich your home days with…

Resource Links:

Feudal System | an overview including serfdom and manorialism by Khan Academy

Manorialism | find out more about this social system and the common people

Castles in the Medieval World | learn more about the first medieval castles

Mott and Bailey Castles | what are they?

Windsor Castle | an interactive site about the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world

Medieval Villagers Clothing | peek into the medieval peasant’s life and what they wore

Medieval Essentials | scroll through their pdf files to find out what other essential items they used in medieval times

Medieval Recipes | from pancakes to meatballs to gingerbread, come check out some recipes!

Video Links:

*Parents, please preview for your students first.

Feudal System | explained in less than 2 minutes *please disregard that they’re calling it the “dark ages”

Siege Tower | find out how they work

Medieval Archery | watch how a medieval archer fires a long bow – the weapon made famous during the 100 Years War

Forging an Arrow | watch a blacksmith at work on an arrow

Reconstructed Medieval Village | Fly over what a village looked like during medieval times

Life in Medieval Britain | what was it like to live in a village in medieval times?


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