SLOCA Volunteer Teams

Thank you for being a SLOCA volunteer!
We rely heavily on the support of our volunteers to not only keep costs down and tuition low, but also to build a robust and interconnected community. We ask that you strongly consider joining a specific volunteer team that feels comfortable for you to serve on and one that you can commit to for the 2021-2022 school year. Your time is valuable to us and we pledge to make sure that it is never wasted. Your participation gives all of Team SLOCA the support they need to dedicate themselves to serving your students and your family. Please reach out to Connie Garcia if you have any questions about which team would be a good fit for you!
[email protected]

Descriptions of Volunteer Teams

Athletics Support—Assist our Athletic Director with coaching and or assistant coaching, help manage booster club operations, door admissions, concession sales, game day cleanup, vanpool and more.

Cleaning Support—Clean our office, campus, midweek bathroom checks, weekly kitchen cleaning duties, maintain Team SLOCA Lounge for our teachers and more!

Construction Project Support—Help us with building projects, desk making, table building, fence building and more. We often have random needs in this category.

Decor and Craft Support—Help create decorations for specialty events and more.

Events and Meeting Support—Assist SLOCA staff with specific events and/or meetings held throughout the year.

Fred and Betty’s Support—Sort and organize thrift store items, dust and clean.

High School House Parent—Support Heads of House and reps with monthly lunches, organizing potlucks, help organize gift exchange, etc.

High School Yearbook Support—Meet with students to come up with the overall theme, look, design and vision for the school yearbook.

History Day Committee—Assist the History Day Coordinator to coordinate and execute our History Day events. * We have two per year!

Horticulture Support—Help manage school plants both indoor and outdoor.

Hospitality and Food Support—Bake, cook, come up with menu ideas, help manage Team SLOCA Family Breakfasts and purchase food needs for SLOCA related events.

Library and Den Support—Assist librarian and store coordinator maintain our library and bookstore including checking in books, working the cash register and more!

Maintenance Support—Maintain our campus, troubleshoot and fix anything that breaks.

Marketing and Public Relations—Assist our Marketing and PR Team to get the word out about SLOCA and all of our events!

Office Support—Assist the NOL to maintain all office duties, family filing, and more.

Photography Support— Photograph all SLOCA events.

Professional Services Support—We are looking for professional help! Please let us know if you work as a professional photographer, plumber, contractor, chef, teacher, etc.

Safety Team Support—Assist the Safety Team to supervise our students on the playground and lunch areas, sub for any sick safety team members, help maintain activities during these times and more!

Summer Workday Support—Help clean up our campus in preparation for the upcoming school year. We will also have projects ranging from small to large that you can help out with.

Teacher and Class SupportAssist teachers with cleaning classrooms, grading papers, helping with special activities or become a classroom liaison to coordinate parent participation and support.

Technical Support—Help us with any technical needs including computer problems, printer issues, editing movies, filming movies, preparing PowerPoints and more!