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San Luis Obispo Classical Academy High School (SLOCAHS) offers a unique combination of exceptional classical education, highly qualified and dedicated teachers, and students who are thinking and thriving. SLOCAHS’ learning environment crafts a different type of student—one who is not only well prepared to succeed in college, but also imbued with the increasingly rare skills and habits of a true leader and lifelong learner.

Eschewing the “race to nowhere” mentality prevalent in some college prep schools, SLOCAHS emphasizes classical teaching techniques which have nevertheless been proven to prepare students exceptionally well for success in college and beyond. (In college, Great Books majors score higher than any other majors on tests such as the GRE and LSAT.) Our community has a learning focus, not an achievement focus. We believe that success favors the creative and disciplined mind. Our students don’t just acquire knowledge as passive consumers; they grow to love it.

Students encounter opportunities not only for intellectual growth but also for personal growth in the form of character development and wisdom, without which the knowledge we acquire lacks context and true purpose.

Social dynamics

SLOCAHS is a safe community for students to gather, study, connect, and grow into responsible young adults. In our small high school setting, students experience each academic year alongside a tight-knit peer group. This setting creates a unique opportunity for students to draw on one another’s strengths in an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie. Small class sizes foster a safe environment through accountability and intentional character development. They also allow for the focused, individual attention necessary to craft a truly rich and tailored educational experience.


We aim for a campus culture that is safe, friendly, scholarly, and kind. We appreciate a low-tech atmosphere and encourage students to interact meaningfully with their studies, their environment, and one another.

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