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Our athletics program is an integral part of our culture here at SLOCA, not only as a catalyst for school spirit and engagement, but as a complement to our educational model. We do this by developing the habits, minds, bodies and character of our students in a nurturing and challenging context. Aligned with the Classical Trivium, we teach basic skills of sports in grammar school, incorporate tactics and strategies in middle school, and culminate it all in high school teaching game strategy and superior play.  SLOCA Athletics is committed to building excellence and character both in sports and in life. We emphasize sportsmanship—in wins and in losses, on the field and off, as spectators and as participants. Our desire is to be competitive while also offering opportunities for every student to engage in physical activity as a healthy, balanced approach to their academic pursuits. This includes balancing practices and competitions with academic and family commitments, seeking trained and passionate coaches, and cultivating a lifelong love of sport and movement. A Grizzly victory is a win for our entire SLOCA community, so…
Program Highlights
  • Defending Boy’s Volleyball League Champions
  • 2nd place league finishes in Girl’s Volleyball, Boy’s Basketball, and Girl’s Beach Volleyball
  • CIF qualifying in 8-person football, Girl’s Volleyball, Boy’s Basketball, Track and Field Individuals, Girl’s Beach Volleyball, and Boy’s Volleyball.
23-24 sports


8-Person Football
Girls Volleyball
Cross Country


Boy’s Basketball


Track and Field
Girls Beach Volleyball
Boys Volleyball

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Boy’s Basketball

Cross Country +
Track and Field
Girl’s Indoor +
Beach Volleyball

Chuck Masterson

8-Person Football

Boy’s Volleyball

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Stand and fight with me, we’ll have a Grizzly Victory!
athlete clearance form

All students wishing to participate in a sport are required to complete their athletic clearance prior to participation. New clearance is required each school year and should be completed at the end of the prior school year in May or June. Please click the link below:

athletics over summer

SLOCA offers our students the opportunity to continue developing as athletes over the summer with camps for boys basketball, girls volleyball, and 8-person football. Basketball camp takes place June 10th – June 20th, 2024. We then observe our Summer Dead Period from June 24th – July 7th, 2024. Volleyball camp takes place July 22nd – August 1st, 2024 and Football camp takes place July 29th – August 8th, 2024.  Camps are open to enrolled SLOCA students, as well as Heartland students who plan to begin or continue participating in athletics with SLOCA. For more details and to register, please visit the links below: