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for life


Small Class Sizes
Timeless Education
Families Matter

“I’ve had my kids at public schools, Catholic School and SLOCA. The curriculum and teachers are simply unmatched elsewhere… My two kids that are in college report their readiness exceeded all other students.”

—Niche Reviewer

classical education with a twist

we pursue the good, true and beautiful

we appreciate and educate the whole child

we teach gently, rigorously, and interactively

we emphasize how to think

we value who we become

we engage + excite students

our programs

infant + toddler

The early years of childhood are the beginning of a wonderful learning journey full of enjoyment, beauty, wonder and wisdom. Your tiny wonder is beginning to explore the world around them cognitively and physically. We offer loving community and thoughtful guidance so they build an educational foundation that lasts a lifetime.

preschool + kindergarten

The first program of its kind, we combine (lots!) of play and picture books. Your little wonder is ripe and ready to explore the world around them with intensity and enthusiasm. Building on these natural strengths, we partner with families to provide a rich and meaningful foundation of lifelong wonder and curiosity.

1st–8th grade

Our distinctive learning community partners students, parents and teachers together for an unrivaled education that is wonderfully rich, effective and meaningful. We engage the minds and hearts of children to foster their natural love of learning and help each child reach their full potential through engaging literature, mathematical thinking, and hands-on science.

9th–12th grade

Our unparalleled learning environment crafts a different type of student imbued with the increasingly rare skills and habits required to become leaders and lifelong learners. Belong to a community of like-minded peers and passionate teachers who value each others’ expression and engage with one another through discussion-based learning.

"I adore how my children come home from a school day bubbling over with excitement about everything they did that day. They argue about who gets to share the details of their school day first...it was THAT exciting. Yes, this may seem a simple answer but it continues to strike me again and again. These kids are loving learning whether they realize it or not."
Behind the Scenes Support-3
 parent of 3

Slo Classical Academy is a community that forges character, fosters wisdom, and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.

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