The mission of the Foundation Circle is to develop and fortify the resources for the school, while simultaneously increasing credibility both internally and externally by connecting with others in the community.

The Foundation Circle is a group of philanthropists who support SLOCA by being both ambassadors of our school and also by making a financial contribution. ¬†Together their donations make an enormous impact upon the work we are able to accomplish each year. The Foundation Circle votes each year on how they’d like their funds to be dispersed.

For the 2017/18 school year, the Foundation Circle gave a total of $75,000 which was allocated to increase staff benefits and help fund salaries.


seed funding for second fred & betty's location

start-up funds for tiny wonders expansion

underwriting costs for athletic coaches, referees, and gym fees for 2018-19


To have a broad base of philanthropic stakeholders with both an emotional and financial connection to SLOCA who are in a position and have the capacity to support the vision of SLO classical Academy.

To provide support not only through investment, but also by acting as ambassadors on behalf of SLOCA to identify and seek additional supporters.

To provide a way for businesses, couples and individuals to contribute to and enhance our community to supporting a unique, alternative education option on the central coast.

To provide an opportunity for busy professionals to become and remain connected to the school, where they have a place to share their thoughts and join our movement toward propelling change in education.

SLO Classical Academy is extremely grateful to the members of the Foundation Circle Board and would like to recognize the following people for their significant impact on the success of our school:

Bambi and Christopher Banys
Pam and Rich Bartel
Sandee and Bill Beckers
Danielle and Neil Collins
Julie and Randy Diffenbaugh
Deborah and Rob Garcia
Margaret and Rich Hendrickson
Logan and Chuck Hill
Roy Hill
Judy and John Jeter
Debbie and Mike Lee
Lisa and Steve Leonard
Tasha and Ted Lilly
Nicole and Jeff Peterson
Tim and Sandra Ronda
Jill and Todd Talley
Tim Theule

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