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Fridays @ SLOCA are a combination of life enriching activities, play, and academic follow-up. Those enrolled will have the opportunity to explore, investigate, and experiment with STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) classes.

preschool-8th grade

on 30 select Fridays during the school year

preschool–kindergarten PLAY LABS

Play Labs are a rich, engaging, purposeful approach to learning through play, often pulling from our Wisdom Wonder Project curriculum. Students are engaged in high-level play, beautiful and meaningful literature, math enrichment, and practice of other skills appropriate to these early years.


Our classes will be based around STEAM and *offer Grids+ to all ages—this is an opportunity to complete grid work, reading, and, when time permits, age-appropriate games that will help stimulate the mind and develop skills. We will offer opportunities for students to experiment, investigate, observe, and wonder. This platform will combine structured and unstructured play that allows the students to expand, giving the students opportunities to develop new interests.

*Grids+ is required if you are registered in the Full-Time program.

class schedule

Mornings (8:30-11:30A)

Afternoons (noon-3pm)*

*space is limited but we will do our best to get your child into their first choice options!

class descriptions

Grids +
1st-2nd (Primary)  3rd-4th (Intermediate) 5th-6th (LMS) 7th-8th (UMS)

Students will have the support of a core teacher to provide a space that encourages gridwork and academic or pleasure reading. When time permits, there may also be additional activities from our Wisdom Wonder Project curriculum, strategic games to stimulate the mind, and activities that will enrich and enhance the history, literature, and science being studied.

1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate)

This class provides hands-on ways for students to explore, create, tinker, and imagine as they practice using various creative and technical tools. Students will collaborate to problem solve, experiment, and develop skills while engaging with concepts from art, science, and engineering.

Outdoor Education
1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate) 5th-8th (LMS/UMS)

Join us for an off-site adventure to be curious and observe all that nature and the various geographical landscapes around the central coast have to offer. We will explore places like the botanical gardens, tide pools, mountains and forests, turtle reserves, history museums, and local parks. Expect to get dirty, learn to identify local flora and fauna, observe the sea creatures, and learn how to keep a nature journal!

1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate) 5th-8th (LMS/UMS)

Our theater program is created to help stimulate creativity, enhance problem-solving capacity, increase empathy, and develop self-confidence alongside collaborative commitment. This course introduces students to a variety of elements and principles used in the process of theater production and appreciation of theater arts. Students will do at least one performance during the year for family and friends incorporating the skills learned, schedule to be determined.

LEGO Leaugue
1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate)

In this innovative class students are empowered to unleash their creativity through hands-on challenges! Students are presented with basic challenges and encouraged to build creatively, fostering a sense of exploration and ingenuity. Embracing a unique blend of structured and unstructured instructions, this class aims to cultivate independent problem-solving skills in young minds. Our attentive instructor guides students as they navigate through their projects, offering just the right amount of support to ensure an enjoyable and enriching experience for each participant. Join us on a journey of discovery where imagination knows no bounds, and every creation is a testament to the power of innovation and self-expression!

Interactive Outdoor Science 
5th-6th (LMS) 7th-8th (UMS)

Through beautifully filmed videos and hands-on experiments, this Interactive Outdoor Science class connects the stories of intrepid explorers, hopeful pioneers, and determined individuals with the lands they built their lives upon. Through stories, we fuse scientific and geographic exploration together and introduce the vast variety of landforms, biomes, and ecosystems found in the United States. Your student will cultivate a lifelong love of exploration, adventure, and an appreciation of the natural world.

California History Part 2
3rd-4th (Primary/Intermediate)

Get ready to take a trip through time as we learn about the fascinating history of California, known as the Golden State—an adventure into the past through award-winning literature. This class will build on what was learned last year, but new students will be able to jump right in. Learn about missions, geography, music, and culinary history through stories, beautiful art, and hands on activities. This class will go on two field trips, one to see a mission and one to go to a history museum. Last year this class was a smashing success!

Bouldering Bears
1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate) 5th-8th (LMS/UMS)

Each week the students will be transported to The Pad for an hour of climbing fun! This class is designed to show children the exciting and adventurous world of rock climbing in a safe, and supportive environment. The classes focus on teaching climbing techniques, building strength, enhancing coordination, and elevating confidence within our climbers. The Pads experienced instructors provided personalized guidance that ensured that each student could progress at their own pace. Additional fee of $89 per month, this includes the cost of coaching and a gym membership with 24/7 access to the pad.

Interactive Science
1st-4th (Primary/Intermediate) 

Embark on a journey into the great outdoors, where exploration intertwines with education. Delve into the depths of biology, chemistry, botany, ecology, zoology, and more, as you immerse yourself in the sciences behind your discoveries. With a blend of hands-on activities such as watercolor art and handcrafts, along with the exploration of music and art history, every aspect of your student’s experience will be enriched. Utilizing field guides as their compass, they’ll navigate

Robotics League
5th-8th (LMS/UMS)

Robotics League will offer an opportunity to observe and experiment during the development, building, and programming of robots. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program, and document their progress. We can show off our hard work and compete in local robotic tournaments.

Geography + Ecology
5th-6th (LMS) 7th-8th (UMS)

Embark on an exciting expedition around the globe in this interdisciplinary course tailored for 5th to 8th graders. Geography seamlessly intertwines with ecology as students explore the ecosystems and biomes of the seven continents, fostering hands-on learning experiences. From uncovering the unique geography of each region to delving into its remarkable ecology, students will immerse themselves in the diverse narratives set on every continent. A captivating world map serves as their canvas, empowering them to label every country and trace borders, even for emerging nations like South Sudan and Kosovo.

Makerspace + Hobbies
5th-8th (LMS/UMS)

In this class students creativity knows no bounds! This dynamic class is a gateway to exploration, innovation, and fun. From crafting personalized masterpieces to tinkering with unfound hobbies. Students will embark on an exciting journey of hands-on learning. With a blend of traditional crafts such as painting and building using household supplies to exploring the world of technology-free hobbies. Students participating will unleash their imaginations while honing in on essential skills in problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking. Join us as we transform ideas into reality and foster a community where passion meets proficiency in the wonderful world of makerspace and hobbies.


  • Fridays are required for Full-Time students and are included in the cost of your tuition.

  • Fridays are a full-year commitment. All enrollments are for the full day (morning + afternoon) unless otherwise arranged with Admissions.

  • Not all students will get their first choice for classes, as some have limited space and will be filled on a lottery basis. Our classes build upon one another each trimester—therefore, students do not rotate their class schedules. The classes your student starts the year in will be the classes they stay in for the entirety of the school year.

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