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high school university model

university model

Our high school program continues in the classical model of our K-8 program with an emphasis on students learning to thoughtfully and effectively express themselves through writing, discussion, and oral presentations.

The SLO Classical Academy High School (SLOCAHS) program is set up as a University Model, where students attend school three days weekly (M/W/F) and study independent two days weekly (T/Th), much like in a college setting. We also offer a 5 days/week on campus option (click below for more details!). Although we encourage students taking a full load, students are afforded the option of picking and choosing their classes. Our students have a reputation for the love of learning and are willing to work hard. Parent involvement is important, but they are no longer considered “home educators” as student independence is required.

5-day program

More time on campus with mentorship, increased community, and added enrichment opportunities

Beginning with the 2022-23 school year, SLO Classical Academy High School (SLOCAHS) expanded our program offerings! In addition to our current University Model 3-day program—where students attend a full load of classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with independent study at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays—we now offer a five days/week on-campus option with additional teacher support and electives. Students in the new 5-day program experience increased community building with their peers, supported independent study and mentorship with teachers, and added enrichment opportunities. This 5-day program follows our proven University Model with students attending their full class load on M/W/F and T/Th being on campus with teacher-directed mornings, student-directed afternoons, as well as an optional enrichment elective (examples include physical education or animation). This program envisions supporting more students in becoming independent, collaborative leaders equipped with the life skills for high school and beyond.


SLOCAHS moved from two 17-week semesters of six classes each to a new calendar schedule! Now, two 14.5 semesters with five classes each are followed by two 2.5-week specialty terms with a one-class concentration, or Immersive. These specialty terms are known as Winter Term and Spring Term. This new schedule gives students fewer classes at a time, allowing them more time to focus on each subject without loss of class opportunities. In fact, the Winter and Spring terms allow SLOCAHS to offer more immersive and experiential learning options like Marine Biology, Woodshop, and a language immersion trip to Oaxaca.

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