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Enrollment for This school year + 2024-25 are open now!

The most successful families at SLOCA are families who believe in our model of education. They are committed to educating their children for life. They desire to follow a dynamic educational road less traveled—one that is often counter-cultural. They are focused and thoughtful. In other words, SLOCA families are: All In, Always Mindful, Always Learning, All for One and One for All, In Joy, On Top of It, and Ever Imagining.

We are honored you are considering San Luis Obispo Classical Academy for your family! Please familiarize yourself as much as possible with our school by spending time on our website. If you are ready to move forward with the process, click on the Intent to Enroll link below to get started.


Complete your Intent to Enroll ($122/student)

Our enrollment process is completed online through FACTS. In order to submit your Intent to Enroll application, there is a one-time $122 per student fee ($22 FACTS submission fee + $100 non-refundable application fee). Once the Intent to Enroll Application + Fee are received, we will contact you to schedule a family meeting. (For a complete list of expenses, see our Expected Expenses sheet).

Schedule and Attend a Family Meeting, Tour & Shadow Day

These can be done on the same day or on separate days. At the family meeting, you and your student/s will meet with the Admissions Director to discuss our program, have your questions answered, and take a campus tour. The student shadow day (for 1st – 12th grade) allows your student to spend time in the classroom interacting with our students and teachers.

Wait for your Status Notification: Accepted, Not Accepted, Waitpool

Acceptance letters are sent out via email beginning in April for the following school year. If you are applying mid-year, we will let you know as soon as we can! If we do not have space for your student, we will let you know you are in the waitpool.

Upon Acceptance, Complete Enrollment Packet ($350/student)

Upon receiving your acceptance letter, complete your online Enrollment Packet via FACTS and pay the non-refundable $350 per student registration fee. Please note that SLO Classical Academy is required to follow all state laws regarding immunizations and medical exemption letters.

Note on tuition commitment + withdrawal fees:
submitting an enrollment packet for the school year means you agree and commit to the complete cost of enrollment (registration fee, full year’s tuition, fundraising requirement, volunteer requirement, and any enrichment programs enrolled in)

Download printable versions of Steps to Enroll (with checklist!) by level:

For students interested in auditing classes:
SLOCA offers an audit program for 7th - 12th grade, non-enrolled students. Audit Students may attend classes Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday with potential for Fridays depending on schedule and grade. The school will not provide grades or transcripts for audit students and they must be enrolled in another school. For more information about this program and pricing, please contact Admissions at [email protected].

Curious About SLOCA?
Attend a Sneak Peek!

Whether you already know if you want to enroll in SLO Classical Academy or not, SLOCA’s Sneak Peeks are the perfect way to receive more information about the dynamic community and unparalleled education happening right here on the Central Coast!

A great first step toward enrollment—is the attendance of a Sneak Peek. This event is for curious prospective parents and their students. Come meet teachers and staff, tour our campus, and learn about our unique style of education.

Can’t wait? Watch a recording here.


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