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San Luis Obispo Classical Academy San Luis Obispo Classical Academy

Our Purpose

Why we do what we do

At SLO Classical Academy, we are absolutely driven by the big picture. We started the school with dreams for our children and a plan that would work to make those dreams come true. And we have been vigilant about protecting those dreams from mission drift. More than ten years later, we have seen the daily wonders those dreams offer and the proof that hard work, focus and the tenets behind SLOCA truly provide amazing opportunities for our students and their families.

Below is part of our organizational playbook that lays out the major pieces of our big picture ideals.

SLO Classical Academy exists to educate for life: the education we provide is life-enriching, life-preparing and life-giving; we understand that education is not a means to an end, but a worthy end in and of itself.

SLO Classical Academy is a community that forges character, fosters wisdom, and nurtures a lifelong passion for learning.

We provide classical education (with a twist) to Central Coast families.

SLOCA has always had vision, and we certainly aren’t going to stop now!  The following “five P’s” briefly lay out our long-range vision—a vision we are actively (and successfully) pursuing right now.

Purpose – SLOCA will have a reputation for being the finest place to receive an education, for being a coveted place to work, and for its dynamic community.

People – SLOCA stakeholders will be thriving, loyal, and happy to contribute because they will be heartily invested in and considered valued members of a healthy learning community.

Programs – SLOCA’s programs will engage the minds and hearts of students with rich classical curricula, arts and enrichment offerings, family involvement, and attention to individual potential.

Provision – SLOCA will maintain a healthy, responsible budget with a multi-tiered, sustainable approach to funding; an approach which will include tuition, annual fundraising, endowment, and profitable, business-related activities. 

Place – SLOCA will have a 10 acre campus that, in form and function, reflects our commitment to beauty, learning, innovation, creativity, and community; additionally, it will serve as a local asset.

Pursue beauty and function in all things.

Cultivate a wholesome culture of courage, collaboration, conviction, and creativity.

Develop quality people and healthy relationships.

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