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San Luis Obispo Classical Academy San Luis Obispo Classical Academy

for life

For students who are curious about their world and drawn to big ideas, we offer real community and a big education for a bright future. With a 100% college acceptance rate, our teachers well prepare students by engaging them in life and learning for wherever they decide to go after graduation.

we give students...

real community

Join a community that cares with teachers who listen, encourage, and engage. With small class sizes, a tech-mindful environment, and discussion-based learning, each student is known and has a say.

big education

Our unparalleled learning environment crafts a different type of student—one who is knowledgeable and thinks critically with the ability to listen, discern, analyze, problem solve, and effectively communicate his or her own opinions.

bright futures

When it comes to life plans, not all students are the same! Maybe you want to go off to college or maybe you’d prefer to take a gap year to travel or jump straight into a career. While we value and encourage college, our goal is preparing students for life and shaping the person they are becoming.

"SLOCAHS taught me not only how to do an assignment but why to do an assignment. SLOCAHS has revealed to me a world in which different subjects are not isolated from one another, but instead a vast web. Information learned in Biology class also appears in History class, and every further connection between the subjects I discover matters to my humanity and character."
Class of 2022

student life

downtown slo campus

Our new (as of 2023!) campus is situated in the Downtown SLO center. Combining form and function, students have room to grow and learn inside and outside while being surrounded by beauty!

house system

Modeled on the residential college system of schools like Oxford and Cambridge, our campus houses are hubs of social activity—each house with its own culture, traditions, rituals, and governing bodies.

clubs + extracurriculars

From student council to a literary magazine, students have options for adding to their experience outside of the classroom!


We believe that young people develop as a whole—the intellect, emotions, and social interactions grow alongside one’s physical body. From volleyball to baseball to track + field, there’s something for every student in our athletics program.

trips + events

We have many social events built into our culture throughout the year—retreats, spirit week, senior trips, and dances (including prom!) to name a few!

outside opportunities

Our unique rhythm—class three days a week instead of five—builds confidence and freedom for students to pursue their passions both on and off campus. Many of our students play on club teams, dance competitively, or write their own novels.


At SLOCAHS, we desire that our students will be engaged, independent learners who seek ongoing intellectual and character development. Upon graduation, the ideal SLOCA graduate will be known for the following traits:

creative problem solver • seeker of wisdom • effective communicator • knowledgeable lifelong learner

What Sets SLOCAHS Apart

our structure

Our program is designed after a University Model, with a full load of classes completed on M/W/F, and T/Th free to complete studies on or off campus. This enables students to learn to use their time well, prepares them for college, and offers flexibility. Our classes are also small, enabling teachers to really know and mentor their students, while fostering close community amongst diverse peers.

our teachers

Our teachers are passionate about their subject matter and take immense satisfaction in facilitating their students’ intellectual growth. Always looking to strike a balance between challenging students and nurturing them, the SLOCAHS faculty are distinguished by their capacity to identify, respect, and cultivate each student’s gifts, interests, and hard work. They are intellectually diverse, personable, and dedicated.

our students

Students who really love and benefit from SLOCAHS are students who value learning and rise to the occasion in the face of challenge…or they are students who rediscover their lost passion for learning. They are students who value a more intimate setting and are motivated to go on with their learning (whether it be college or career!).

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"I am often asked how Jadon is doing in SLOCAHS. My answer is consistently this: He is thriving; thriving academically, socially, physically, and even personally in his growth in leadership, responsibility, and overall character. From my perspective, SLOCA high is a truly unique and dynamic high school. Are the claims of SLOCA high true? Is my son being educated for life? Absolutely, 100%. I really can't imagine a better high school experience for him."
high school parent

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