SLO Classical Academy High School

campus life

People who are concerned with ‘the eternal verities’ would do well to remember that fun is one of them.

– John Steinbeck

We are continually offering additional opportunities to cultivate the social life of the SLOCAHS student. These include, but are not limited to: literary magazine contributions, athletics, annual out-of-town field trips, camping excursions, student council, prom, movie nights, and outings to performances. Finally, students will be formally inducted into one of our four high school houses modeled on a residential college system—each house with its own culture, traditions, rituals, social activities, and governing bodies. Belonging to a house will provide students new opportunities to connect, to create, and to lead in the high school community.


In February of 2016, we moved into our new high school campus: four renovated houses located directly across the street from SLO Classical Academy’s main campus (and Cal Poly’s) on Grand Avenue. It is made up of four retrofitted houses with adjoining yards, a community room, administrative office, and a science lab. Students enjoy eating together in our beautifully landscaped outdoor space, drinking coffee and playing board games in the community room, and playing ping pong and horseshoes. We also have a working vegetable garden and fruit trees. Our campus is designed to foster learning, creativity, serenity, friendship, and an appreciation for nature.

house system

Modeled on the residential college system of schools like Oxford and Cambridge, our campus houses are more than just classrooms: they are hubs of social activity—each house with its own culture, traditions, rituals, and governing bodies. All students are formally inducted into houses (we don’t have a Sorting Hat, unfortunately) which will provide them new opportunities to connect, to create, and to lead in the high school community.

“I need lots of time, a big house with room for lots of desks, and a batch of people to befriend—people who are also working among bits of paper all day…. I like having a class of smart students to teach, like watching them learn. Day after day you can study, or simply love, the variety of human good nature…. It is all a parade. It is all interesting. Dig anywhere.”

-Annie Dillard


clubs + extracurriculars

Students can join Hanging Lantern Review, Yearbook Club, Music Club, Student Council, Poetry Outloud, Science Bowl. Students are also encouraged to pursue their own interests and develop personal initiative by establishing, with the school’s support, new clubs and activities. Here is a look into some of our more established clubs:

Hanging Lantern Review

“Literature is a form of fondness-for-life. It is love for life taking verbal form.”
– George Saunders

The Hanging Lantern Review is SLOCAHS’s online literary arts/culture blog and annual print magazine showcasing the talents and ideas of young adults throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Student Council

SLOCAHS Student Council offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and contribute to our campus culture. Elected officials represent the interests of their respective campus houses, serve as liaisons to the SLOCA staff, and plan and host the creative, unique events that make SLOCAHS a spirited, fun, student-centered community.

Science Bowl

“The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Science Bowl® is a nationwide academic competition that tests students’ knowledge in all areas of science and mathematics. Middle and high school student teams from diverse backgrounds are comprised of four students, one alternate, and a teacher who serves as an advisor and coach. These teams face-off in a fast-paced question-and-answer format, being tested on a range of science disciplines including biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics, energy, and math.”


“In order for man to succeed in life, God provided him with two means, education and physical activity. Not separately, one for the soul and the other for the body, but for the two together.”

The athletic philosophy of SLOCAHS is in unison with the academic philosophy. We believe that young people develop as a whole. The intellect, emotions, and social interactions grow alongside one’s physical body. The mission of the SLO Classical Academy Athletic Department is to build an athletics program that complements the existing academic and cultural development. This means our program will use the same vision of classical education in the development of athletes who understand their sport, learn the logic behind that sport, and who execute with skill and beauty.

In 2014, we joined CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Being part of this organization opens up possibilities for us to play with many more teams.

2018-19 sports

New this year!

Climbing Club: the Bouldering Bears

YEARLONG all levels club team


girls’ volleyball
weight training


boys’ basketball
girls’ basketball


co-ed ultimate frisbee
co-ed track
boys’ volleyball

questions about our sports program?

social events

In addition to all our activities and campus events, we have many social events throughout the year including potlucks, movie and discussion nights, read-alouds, bonfires, holiday gatherings, and dances (including Homecoming and Junior/Senior Prom).

Field trips + Camping

We offer exciting, adventurous or cultural school trips each year, including two school-wide camping trips in the fall and spring.

Spirit Week

Twice a year, we set aside a full week to celebrate SLOCAHS and our Campus Houses. Packed to the brim with athletics events, parties, dances, and friendly house competitions, our Spring and Fall Spirit Weeks are the most lively times for students to come together.

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