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tuition + fees

Tuition and fees at SLO Classical Academy are determined on an annual basis by a team of staff and board members (many of whom are also SLOCA parents!) with much thoughtful consideration and deliberation. Our promise to you—we continually and intentionally work to keep tuition as affordable as possible, supplementing with donations and fundraising, while still building a sustainable budget to provide an exceptional education to families for years to come.

2024-25 Tuition and Fees

tiny wonders + little wonders preschool

year round

  • 8:00-3:00 pm Monthly Tuition
  • Tiny Wonders $1,228-$1,804

    3-5 days/week

  • 8:00-5:00 pm Monthly Tuition


  • Application fee, per student $120
  • Year Round Registration fee, per student $350
  • Curriculum costs Varies

Family Volunteer Requirement is 21 hours/year if you only have student(s) enrolled in Tiny Wonders or Year Round Preschool.

Tuition payments are charged monthly.

little wonders through high school

school year

Hybrid Program (Preschool-HS)

  • Level Annual Tuition
  • Preschool $7,200

    Track A (M/W) or Track B (T/Th)

  • Kindergarten-8th grade $8,800

    Track A (M/W) or Track B (T/Th)

  • High School $14,800

    3-day (M/W/F)

Full Time Program (K-HS)

  • Level Annual Tuition
  • Kindergarten-8th grade $15,990

    5 days/week (M-F)

  • High School $18,890

    5 days/week (M-F)

Tuition payment plans are available anywhere from monthly to one time payments.

Click here for a printable version of our Expected Expenses

Friday Program Options

  • Preschool-8th grade, full day $2,780

    Includes $30 registration + $60 supply fee


  • Application fee, per student $120
  • Registration fee, per student $350

    Applied to tuition after first tuition payment


Curriculum/Athletics/Field Trips/etc

Curriculum costs vary and are the responsibility of each family (the average cost for all new books is $500-700/year). Costs can be lowered by purchasing used or using copies from past years. We work hard to provide competitive prices and as many used books as possible via our school store, The Den—and all the proceeds go right back to the school. While all families are required to provide general school supplies for their students, Preschool–Intermediate in-class supplies are covered in your tuition cost, LMS–HS students will be given a list of supplies to purchase.

Our enrichment programs are a financial commitment for the length of the program. Athletics are offered all 3 trimesters starting in kindergarten (or both semesters in high school). Depending on grade level and sport, costs can run from $75-$250/sport. Field/camping trips costs vary depending on the location and length of the trip.

There is a required Latin Intensive for all new-to-SLOCA 6th grade students ($75/student) and a required Latin/Writing Intensive for all new-to-SLOCA 7th-8th grade students ($250/student).

Family Volunteer Requirement = 45 hours/school year (15 hours/trimester)

2024-25 Family Fundraising Goal = $1,195

We want to make tuition as affordable as possible, to maintain as diverse a population as possible (which includes socioeconomic diversity)—all while delivering on the best education we possibly can. Our tuition does not reflect the actual cost of attending school here—in fact, it only covers about 70% of the cost of doing business (aka, providing a beautiful education!). Fundraising isn’t for extra amenities, it’s for essential expenses, which is why we have a required per family fundraising goal. This has tax benefits for our families, allows them alternate ways to support our school, and brings our community into our shared goal of educating for life.

Required Parent Meetings

There are two required parent meetings per year (August & January) for all grade levels. Additionally, for grades 1-8, there is one required parent training per trimester. At least one parent per family is required to attend and there is a charge for missing these required meetings.

Financial Assistance is available to families who qualify.  In addition, to help lower tuition costs through work scholarship opportunities and more. If finances are the only barrier to applying, don’t let that stop you!

Note on tuition commitment + withdrawal fees:
submitting an enrollment packet for the school year means you agree and commit to the complete cost of enrollment (registration fee, full year’s tuition, fundraising requirement, volunteer requirement, and any enrichment programs enrolled in).

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