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Monday Mix-ins: Ancient Greece Culmination

February 19th, 2018

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Happy President’s Day!

As we enjoy a couple of days off of school to honor our presidents, here are some fun enrichment links to help us wrap up our time in Ancient Greece. We have some other things planned for the last two Monday Mix-ins of this trimester, so here’s sort of a catch-all of a few more Ancient Greek-related videos and websites we found:


Ancient Mariners of the Mediterranean – This mini-documentary, from National Geographic, explores shipwrecks in the Mediterranean to learn about ancient cultures. In this video they find a wreck from the classical age of Greece.

Odysseus’ Ship – Speaking of shipwrecks, here’s a quick video from the History channel about the discovery of an ancient ship in 1988, which scientists say may have been sailed by Odysseus.

Land of Odysseus – Another quick video from the History Channel, about the place Odysseus called home.

Ancient Greek Art – One more from the History Channel, exploring the Parthenon.

Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks – This animated kids show is a little cheesy, but could be fun. It’s based on the Horrible Histories books by Terry Deary.

Stunning New Finds on the Antikythera Shipwreck – Here’s another video exploring the wreck of an Ancient Greek ship:

And here are photos of artifacts recovered from this shipwreck.


Trireme OLYMPIAS – Watch a clip about a replica trireme, called the "Olympias:”


Living in Ancient Greece – This 19-minute documentary about life in Ancient Greece would be a nice recap:


The Olympic Games – We already covered these, but since we’re in the middle of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games now, here’s another video about the history of the games:


The real story behind Archimedes’ Eureka! – Another fun video from TED-Ed:


Finally, now might be a good time to watch the classic movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding… (For older kids and adults.)



Underwater archaeology game – Explore an Ancient Greek shipwreck.

More Ancient Greece Challenges – From the British Museum. We’ve posted many of these over the trimester, but here’s a menu of all the topics – click on any of them, then click on “Challenge” to try the activity.

It’s Greek to Me! – Represent your country in the Olympics in this online game. Learn about Greek influences on the English language while you play.

Ancient Greece “Rags to Ritches” game

Ancient Greece Jeopardy game

More Ancient Greece online games

Test Your Knowledge of Ancient Greece – For kids who like taking quizzes for fun to see how much they remember. Here’s another one.

A Virtual Tour of the Acropolis Museum

Ancient Greece Coloring Pages – The pages that don’t say “Members” are free.

Lego Ancient Greece – Check out photos of these super impressive Lego creations!


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