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Monday Mix-ins: The Founding of Rome

March 12th, 2018

The She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus
{photo from Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0}

Welcome to Trimester 3! Don't forget that we have our History and Literature Parent Training tonight – the last one for this school year! 

We’ve said a fond farewell to Ancient Greece and now it’s time to move along to Ancient Rome. But the Romans took a lot from the Greeks, so we will still see their influence here and there. There’s so much to learn about this fascinating, although often gruesome, time period. We will start off with a few supplemental links about how it all began – or at least, how the myths and legends say Rome began. Check out the following videos and websites relating to the founding of Rome:


Why should you read Virgil's "Aeneid”? – Many of our students heard this story read aloud in class, but here’s a video from TED-Ed, all about the epic poem that tells of the founding of Rome:


Rome: The Beginning – A short video overview (which tries to be silly at times) of early Rome:


The Story of Romulus and Remus – Here’s an animated video of this story:


The Mythical Founding of Rome – This is also the story of Romulus, Remus, and the founding of Rome, told in animated mosaics:


The Etruscan Origins of Rome and Italy – Here’s a short documentary about the history of the Etruscans, a pre-Roman civilization:


Ancient Etruscan House Discovered – A video about the uncovering of an intact Etruscan house by Italian archaeologists:


Secrets in the Dust - Uncovering the Etruscan’s Glory before Rome – This is a longer documentary, about an Italian doctor who discovered one of the sites of the mysterious Etruscans:


Digging through time – A Khan Academy video about how archaeologists have discovered different layers of Roman history:


Rome: Romulus and Remus – One more video clip about the founding of Rome. (Click on the photo of the statue, then on the video clip.)

The Map as History – An overview video of the the Founding of Rome to the Downfall of the Empire



Roman Empire App for iPad – Here’s another educational app from Kids Discover. We’ve shared a few of these apps about ancient times this year.

Romans: City of Rome – This is the old BBC site for kids, but it has lots of info, some photos, fun facts and a few activities.

Romans: Teacher Resources – Some of the activity pdfs sound fun!

Who Were the Early Kings of Rome? – A guide to the first 7 rulers of the Roman Kingdom.

On the trail of the Etruscans – Explore a panoramic picture of the ruins of Vulci, an Etruscan city.

Etruscan Art – See examples of Etruscan art including a coffin lid showing a man and his wife. (Click "Start Tour".)

Bronze Crested Helmet – Examine a helmet worn by an Etruscan soldier. (Click the play button to hear a historian talk about it.)

Silver didrachm with wolf and twins design – Examine a silver coin depicting the she-wolf feeding Romulus and Remus.

Q&A About Ancient Rome


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