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SLOCA’s Foundation Circle

February 22nd, 2018

You may have heard of SLOCA’s Foundation Circle, but perhaps you aren’t entirely clear on what it is. Today let’s hear from our Development Director, Cozy Faber, as she explains this new board:

This year we made a few significant changes to our fundraising development plan.  The purpose of these alterations was an attempt to meet our donors, each and every one of them, in a place that was comfortable.  We have supporters who come from all walks of life, who are in various stages in their careers and who have varying levels of comfort when it comes to philanthropy.  We’d like to make sure that every person with a desire and a heart for supporting our school has a place where they feel secure in their eagerness to give.

One of the most significant components that we launched this year was the formation of the SLO Classical Academy Foundation Circle Board. The mission of the Foundation Circle is to develop and fortify the resources of the school, while simultaneously increasing credibility both internally and externally by connecting with others in the community.  Our goal is to provide members with an opportunity to learn about SLOCA more deeply from the people within.  We find it inspiring to share with our members how the work here at SLOCA spans across levels and is making a difference – how we are making the world more beautiful.  In our October meeting, Lead Teacher Lisa Ann Dillon explained how journaling at SLOCA spans across all levels – from preschool through high school.  Our November speaker was High School English Teacher Paul McCullough, who reminded members of the importance of liberal arts in an educational world hyper-focused on pathways rather than well-roundedness.  January brought a private session with world renowned storyteller Jim Weiss. In February members worked on Latin translations with Sarah Weinshenk, and we are looking forward to a personal visit from Astronaut Scott Kelly in March!

In addition to the personal development opportunities we hope to provide our members, we are also looking to this group to help us connect with our greater community.  Becoming mentors and guides as we launch into new arenas, the members of the Foundation Circle are helping us grow as a school, as a business, and as a pillar in the San Luis Obispo community.  The experience of our group ranges from business owners to retired teachers, farmers to veterinarians – all leaders in their respective fields.  This is a group of people who so deeply believe in the work we are doing here, that they have invested not only by funding the foundation but also by giving their time to fortify our image and our impact.

If you find yourself intrigued by this opportunity, please contact me.  Our goal is to connect with people who have demonstrated both an emotional and intellectual connection with SLOCA, and have taken an interest in being a financial supporter as well.   I’d love the chance to sit and chat with you about the impact you can make.

In the meantime, we extend our gratitude to our current Foundation Circle Members!

Bambi and Christopher Banys

Pam and Rich Bartel

Sandee and Bill Beckers

Danielle and Neil Collins

Julie and Randy Diffenbaugh

Judy and John Jeter

Lisa and Steve Leonard

Tasha and Ted Lilly

John Lindhall Foundation

Jennifer Staniec

Jill and Todd Talley

Tim Theule

Thanks for sharing about this, Cozy – and a huge thank you to our Foundation Circle Board!