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Wednesday Wonders: Dinner Party with Chef David

March 7th, 2018

Our Dinner Parties with a Purpose are a delightful and delectable way to spend time with wonderful people while enjoying a fine meal and supporting SLOCA. Recently, Bill and Sandee Beckers (SLOCA grandparents) hosted one of these special dinner parties at their home. They wrote in to tell a bit about the evening, and we are pleased to share it with our readers!

Having never attended a Dinner Party with a Purpose, and not knowing all the attendees beforehand, we didn't know what to expect. We had never been to Madeline's Restaurant and Wine Shop or met Chef David.

Well, we were really in for a treat. Chef David arrived at our house with each of the five courses prepared and ready to heat when needed. Each course was accompanied with a local limited edition wine, local abalone and fish, and a story or explanation for each course. The food was incredible. On top of all of this, we had a delightful conversation with other people who are in love with SLOCA and its influence on our children.

We now plan to go to Madeline's Restaurant and the Wine Shop, in Cambria. The wine shop is stocked with Central Coast wines that are difficult to find because of their limited production. If you haven't been to Chef David Stoothoff's (fellow SLOCA parent) restaurant, consider treating yourselves to dinner there and maybe making a little mini-vacation in Cambria!

Judy Jeter, one of the guests, has shared her thoughts about the evening:

Highlights of the evening:
-A most delicious dinner...all five courses!
-Loved trying new foods and local wines, especially the Cayucos red abalone and the Old Shandon Syrah Port!
-Being new to the SLOCA community, we especially enjoyed hearing the wonderful stories of how the school has enriched the lives of their families, children and grandchildren.

We encourage others who are looking for a delicious and fun "date" to sign up for the next Dinner with a Purpose and also be supporting our wonderful SLOCA.

– Sandee and Bill Beckers

Thank you, Sandee and Bill, for opening your home to make this evening possible, and for writing up your thoughts on how it went. It’s great to hear about these community-building dinners!

SLOCA parents, grandparents, or anyone interested in exquisite food and supporting SLOCA – if you have missed out on attending one of these dinner parties so far this year, there are a couple more in the works and it’s not too late to get tickets! (And SLOCA Rewards members get a discount!) Here’s the info for the next two upcoming dinners:

Mighty Nimble with Hilary Graves and Camatta Hills Vineyard – April 21st, 2018, 5-8 pm

Come enjoy an evening in the vineyard among the rolling hills of Creston. You will hang out with woman winemaker and farmer Hilary Graves. She will give you a crash course in wine-making 101, plus serve you a delicious harvest-themed farm to table dinner - FAMILY STYLE! The beauty in family style service is that it makes for a more communal and casual dining experience.  You with be amongst friends here! Come and relax with us. *Wines by Mighty Nimble.

Hosted by: Hilary Graves

Please sign up here!!





An Evening in Argentina with Chef Aaron Hilton and Jeff Faber of Opolo Wines – May 19th, 2018, 5-8 pm

This evening will boast an authentic Argentine Asado with a light conversation about the traditions of their culture. You will sit under the night sky on the outdoor patio complete with a rustic outdoor brick oven. You will start the evening off with a custom welcome tea, delight in grilled organic meats, stuffed butternut squash, homemade empanadas, and more! Jeff Faber will pull some deep cellar wines to give you a dynamic wine pairing experience that makes each dish truly come alive. You will feel the Spanish style influence with every bite!

Hosted by: Aaron Hilton and Jeff Faber

Please sign up here!!